Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ummmmmmm thank you???

Tonight the hubby gathered us all up for a family walk. I grabbed the dog and some poo-bags then we were off. While walking my Middle Daughter says to me "I wish I would've brought the camera to take pictures of us walking together." I turn to her and say "I don't really want to see pics of my behinny. I live in Denial Land where my behinny looks like Angelina Jolie's' and to see differently would make me gnash my teeth and turn into a pillar of salt." Then The Son runs up and body slammed her as boys are wont to do and my behinny was forgotten. Or so I thought. As we were making our way home she says to me "Mom, your butts not big. It is just right. A nice shape." I can hear my husband snort laughing at the both of us.

I then sat on him with my just right/Angelina Jolie behinny. Snort laugh now big guy.

update: my hubby read this post and says "Hey! That doesn't make me sound nice." I told him everything is fair game for the good of the blog. He watches TV for a bit and then says "Angelina Jolie does have a nice behinny." Oh yeah, he's toast!


Chocolate Cat said...

Isn't your middle daughter gorgeous to say your behind is just right!!!

Leigh said...

You have raised your baby right! What is the older son doing?! You don't body slam girls anymore! Shame on the Capt!

Lauren The Artist said...

I can't believe you're doing ALL that Jolie-body-double work pro-bono. She should be thanking you for making her a big action star! =)


Anonymous said...

The Capt needs to be cut off, gfriend! Luv. Ms. Carmen (still having issues with blogger sign in)