Sunday, September 14, 2008

sunday plans...

Ahhh Sunday. A day of relaxation and naps. Or is that Monday?? Or Weds?? Or Friday!!

Dropped the hubby off at the airport this morning at the un-bearable hour of 5-ish am. He'll be back before we know it and this will be a regular thing at this base for us. He gets to travel all over the US doing "important" Air Force stuff. This time he is at a class to learn more about the "important" stuff. I have some "important" stuff of my own to do around here. I. Am. Cleaning. Yep, doesn't get more important than that round here. :) I want to get my Monday stuff done today so that tomorrow I can go to the movies while the kids are at school. Anyone out there seen the new movie The Women?? Any movie that talks about keeping things in the vault is a movie I need to see.

I need to ask a question of Ohio.....Ohio, what is the deal with all the crickets you have going on here?? It's like the 8th plague of Moses in my shed. I do not like crickets. Can we do a little sumpin sumpin about it?? Thank you.

Okay, what is everyone else doing out there today?? Any exciting plans?? Any travel? Any intrigue?? Barbecuing?? Cleaning up after Ike??

I'm off to dust something. Have a great day everyone!


Lauren The Artist said...

SEWING. I'll be sewing today. I might not even change out of my jammies.

And with all the business travel, be sure you get those frequent flier miles so we can meet up in some fabulous city!! ~jen~

Jenna said...

Today is Chusok so we're watching football and another day as a family relaxing. When will we be back in the states?? Good question! We leave here in July, but don't know where we're going yet.

Shasta Matova said...

Did you not watch Mulan? Crickets are our friends and guardians. They sing to you.