Sunday, October 19, 2008

At the Rents house!

My dad had to have some surgery on his throat again this week so what is a girl to do with a teenager in the house who has had a tough week?? ROAD TRIP!!!! My middle daughter and I packed up the car on Thursday and braved the cruel world to drive five hours by our lonesomes. We are women!! Hear us roar!!!
The trip to Illinois was a blast. We stopped for lunch. We stopped for coffee. We stopped for gas. We stopped to go to the bathroom. We stopped at a huge candy factory that had a river of chocolate flowing out of the ceiling! That was the best stop of all!! We bought some candy in there let me tell ya!
My dad came out of surgery just fine. He had some scar tissue in there that needed to come out so he could breath. We are holding our own breath and saying prayers that it doesn't come back so they can finally take the treach out.
Tomorrow we head on back home to the Capt. We have already scoped out the return trip and plan on stopping at a candle factory. If you see me in there and feel the need to buy me a candle...welllllllllllllllllllllllll all right!!!!! heehee


Lauren The Artist said...

Oooh- candy factory! Remember... my birthday is right around the corner. (sure in about 10 months, but still) I hope you dad's results come back fine! ~jen~

Granny said...

Hope things continue to go ok with your dad and hope your trip home is as much fun as your trip down there or . . is it over there or up there?

Mary Johnson said...

I love Road Trips and used to go on a lot more of them when the kids were home. We were in FL and my family were all in the VA/DC/MD area.

Glad that your Dad surgery went OK.

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh my goodness, a candy factory with a flowing chocolate river........and a candle shop!!!!!
I want to come too!!!

Leigh said...

A chocolate river! Most excellent!! Hope your dad is doing great and drive safe back home.