Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stop Thief!!!

Today the youngest kiddo and our oldest were out there in the world doing unsupervised things and being footloose and fancy free so we took the middle kiddo to the mall. We perused all the stores. We people watched. We discussed some of the people and their choice of attire. We even shared a Cinnabon. As we were headed to the shoe store I saw a man run past us. He looked to be in his early twenties. He was holding onto his pants with one hand and had a t-shirt in the other. Five seconds later two mall cops rounded the corner running after him and yelling for him to stop. The young man?? He had stolen that t-shirt. The guy couldn't run very fast cause he had on pants that were at least two sizes two big and the mall cops were closing in fast. I grabbed my daughter just in case the guy had a just never know. I wanted her behind me in case he grabbed her in need of a hostage. I didn't want to have to whip out my karate-kwon-do moves on his behind.

You should've seen it. People started running after the guy and the two mall cops! They had camera's out and were taking pictures and videos.

You know, that made me kinda sad. As the mall cops grabbed the man I could feel tears coming and had to tell myself to stop being such a boober and get over myself. It was just...... I don't know...... awful. People were laughing and pointing and the guy was screaming cuss words at everyone. I don't even know what I was sad about. I mean, the guy did steal something and he ran. I think it was more everyone else and their reactions to the whole scene.

In the end the hubby called us to come on and the other mall cops rushed onto the scene and told us all to disperse. I was standing there with my hand over my mouth. I wondered if his mom was at home thinking about what to make for dinner and if her son would be joining them tonight. How sad that he won't. It is even sadder to me that some found it funny.


Lauren The Artist said...

Note to self- If you ever steal something and expect a foot-chase, wear track shoes and spandex.


Linda said...

Somewhere that poor boys mom is wondering where she went wrong - what she could have done better... My children (thank you Lord!!) have never done anything illegal, but there are times their actions make me wonder the "what if's".. breaks my heart!
It was so much easier being the Mommy when they were younger - for those with younger children - enjoy it while you can!!
Thank you for sharing!

Leigh said...

There is always action where there is an Owens! Be safe!

Chocolate Cat said...

I can understand you feeling sad. No one knows if there was a reason behind his action , not that it would make it okay ....