Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So very proud....and wanting to be her peep.

Member my very best-besty Walker Jen?? She has come up with something that, in time, will equal the importance of the rotary cutter. I am so not kidding folks! If you have ever in your quilty lives wanted to make half square triangles and then shuddered cause it was toooooo hard, well do I have something to make life easier. It is the Seamingly Accurate. Oh. My. Gosh.
I love mine! I got it in the mail the other day and lurvs it!!! It is kinda like a ruler on paper with a sticky back. You afix it to the bottom of your sewing machine like so.....

and follow the measurements you need. Wallah! You have a half square triangle! It can be used for so much more but I am in love for it simply cause it has made some quilts do able for me.

Our Walker Jen made her debeut at the Houston Quilt Show and I am feeling very confident that it was a hit. Walker Leigh and I were talking on the phone yesterday and decided that we want to be her peeps. You know, the people who follow behind her and carry her stuff. We could totally sit in each and every audience of any and all quilt shows that I am sure will invite her to demonstrate this baby. Maybe I could be her hair-dresser............or door opener............:)

You all seriously have to check this thing out! Plus she is having a give-a-way and what quilter in her right mind doesn't like a give-a-way???!

Peace out!


Leigh said...

So very proud of our girl! You go Jen!! So, can we be peeps!!??

Anonymous said...

Jen rocks!Ms.Carmen

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I feel proud too, and I dont' even know her, except from this blog! Great idea for us quilting folk.