Thursday, October 09, 2008

Not my finest moment in parenting....

This morning the Boo-Bear and I were going through our regular "lets try and get her out the door with both of us in a good mood" thing we do every day. Today? Didn't work out. I yelled. Loudly. Over something pretty stupid. I want her to pick up her room before she goes to school and her idea of picked up and mine differ. We also argued over the fact that I got her sweater wet on the arm and she was insistent that she would freeze to death, and die, at school so she must change, right this very second, and as it is picture day I must hurry up and iron something else....a something else that will clash with the background we picked out and the paper is now sealed inside of an envelope so it is to late to change it.

Instead of calling her Boo-Bear I should start calling her the Lawyer cause good gravy that girl argues every case. It is important to me that the kiddos start the day off on the right foot. I don't like for them to leave for school upset any more then they like it but today...sigh. Today I just snapped. I am so tired of arguing with her and she is only 11. I think I may have battle fatigue and we haven't reached the teen years yet.

If you have more then one child you know how true the saying is that each one is different. That is sooooo true here at Chez' Owens. The Son is our sensitive one. He cares. A lot. He is also shy and takes a long time to warm up to people outside of our immediate family. He is going to make a great husband and father some day. Middle Daughter is our go getter. She is already plotting her next strategic move on how to get to the college of her dreams. She isn't sure exactly where that is yet but it is out there and she wants to keep her options open. Out of the three she is the least cuddly with outsiders but protects her family like a fierce warrior. She is the one who will own wall street someday. Now on to the youngest. If O.J. would've had her on his side in the courtroom the other day the judge would've thrown out the case because Boo-Bear would've just plain ole' worn him down. The other side would've waived a white flag. She is unstoppable. She is not a bad child by any means. She is also the one who likes to cuddle the most. She is just always sure that she is always right....or if wrong that she should at least get to plead her case. I don't want to hear her case I just want her to say "okay." With a smile. IS THAT TOOOOOO MUCH TO ASK??? IS IT?????

This morning I may have grounded her for life. She may have smiled at that and then my head may have exploded all over her cause hey..."did you just smile at me??? DO YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY YOUNG LADY???? DO YOU WANT ME TO COME OVER THERE??? IT'S NOT FUNNY NOW IS IT?!?!?"Yeah, it may have gone a little something like that.

I am off to burn incense and find some inner peace. There may be some chanting involved and some eating of chocolate. Pray for me.


Jodi said...

I prescribe lots and lots of chocolate. :)

I am starting these battles with my 13 year old. This morning it was over her needing to wear a sweatshirt or jacket. It was 32 freaking degrees and she thinks she is going to school in a t-shirt.

I look forward to the day when they are the Mom and we can watch them fight with their daughters. :)

Leigh said...

You know in her heart she didn't take it personal. Breath 1, 2, 3, 4.....

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hmm, mine is 10 1/2 ansd likes it how she likes it as well. They don't really hold us being human against us you know, mine loves it when I admit I got too grumpy!
And aren't those Aussie's lovely!!! Great stitchery! Tracey

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh my!! Why oh why do they choose the mornings when you have to be out the door at a certain time to test the limits and push the buttons????? So glad though that my darlings are not unique!