Monday, October 20, 2008

Home Again.....No sleep....Running Hell...

We made it back home yesterday afternoon from the Rents house in fine form. We had stopped at a really neat candle factory that was all decorated for Christmas. I could have moved in there very happily but the Daughter....ugh...she couldn't handle all the candle smells. I seriously question now whether she is mine or not.

Can I just tell you that I am now in love with Jim Shore simmer pots and that I must have one. I pink puffy heart all of his stuff.

This morning I woke up at the miserable hour of 3:30 am. I looked at the clock and said a bad word in my head cause I had only 2 and a half more hours til the dreaded run. At six the Capt woke up Boo-Bear while I sat on the side of the bed putting on socks and hating everyone. Even the dog didn't stir from her bed to say good morning to me. I get outside to below Arctic temps and refused to stretch properly. This is when the Capt and Boo-Bear left me to my own devices. I set off at a moderate pace. Got to the corner and had to walk. Sheesh. I am pathetic. I did this walk/run thing for the whole mile and a half. There was an 89 year old grandma who ran past me and I swear I heard her giggle. I swear I didn't kick her. When I got back home I was really glad I went. Some of this weight needs to come off. Anyone out there want some of it?? I will gladly share. Inside of me is a thin cross country runner who can do a 5K in her sleep.

God I hope she comes out before I keel over.


Jodi said...

I don't want the weight but if I lived closer I would come running with you.

Keep it up girl! :)

Anonymous said...


My Thanh said...

I've never liked jogging. Seriously. What's the point? I prefer my exercise bike. It's a recumbent, and I can read or watch tv while working out. I don't even notice the time go by. It's the best investment I've ever made.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I hear the roar, loud and clear in Hawaii, you go girl! Ms. Carmen

Leigh said...

Proud of you girl!