Saturday, August 15, 2009


In the mornings I like to grab the paper and a cup of coffee then go out back to enjoy the peace and quiet before my family wakes up. I really like sitting there watching the squirrels and birds eat stuff out of the bird feeders.
Lately it seems the bird feeders are not enough.
My squirrels...the ones I buy grapes for....they have been getting into my tomatoes!

This is just such a betrayal on so many levels!!!!
This morning when I walked outside and saw two! Count em two!!! tomatoes eaten into I'd had enough. Some squirrels were watching me from the tree we have by our fence so I walked over to them (Yep, In my PJ's with my hair not done) and had a little Come To Jesus talk. I explained my disappointment with them and reminded them who buys grapes and washes them before she puts them on the fence post. I also reminded them how much I am spending on the bird seed with cracked corn and sunflower seeds in it PICKED JUST FOR THEM cause I am a crazylady/squirrel lover.

This is about the time my neighbor walked by. The neighbor guy who never speaks to me. May I remind you that I was in my PJ's with my hair no where near done???
Oh the mortification.
Oh the horror.
And yes, when he walked away I continued my conversation with my (yes mine) squirrels til we came to an understanding. They would continue to be really really cute and eat my tomatoes and I would continue to not really care all that much/buy them grapes/buy them sunflower seeds....and maybe set up a birdbath so they can get a little water when the little darlings feel parched.


Jodi said...

LOL No wonder the neighbor doesn't talk to you. He obviously thinks you are insane. :D

Love your squirrels! We have too many cats in our yard. The squirrels stay far away.

Leigh said...

You are all heart my dear! Who needs the neighbor who doesn't speak anyway! When I was 19 we found a baby squirrel. My mom took it to work and fed it with an eye dropper. We nursed it back to health and it lived in our backyard. We named him Willie. We could go out to the house we built for him and call him, he would climb up on our shoulder and eat out of our hands. Hindsight, probably not a great idea with a potential rabies carrying animal that has razor sharp claws that was sitting inches away from our face. But it was really cool!

mascanlon said...

No squirrels in my yard but we have lots of hummingbirds so I sit on the deck with the coffee and paper on weekends and enjoy the aerial show too.

Chocolate Cat said...

I love your squirrels, they are so cute! We don't have them here! Did they answer you while you were having 'the talk'???

QuiltingFitzy said...

Sounds like it was a good time to put your hand to your ear and have a conversation on the non-existant cell phone!

Stephanie D said...

I stopped feeding the birds and the squirrels about 6 weeks ago so they wouldn't come around poking in my pathetic garden. It's enough just to do battle with the slugs.

Come fall, I'll be stocking up on critter food again, because I love watching them from the window.