Wednesday, August 12, 2009

summertime part 1..........

Yeah, it's blogging for a month Dawn. Sigh. This summer. Whoo. This summer. Took it all out of me int-netz. Ever have something big you have to do that's really really hard and after you've done it you have nothing left? I mean nothing. And you can't even blog about it? That has been me this summer. The big thing I did is now over. It's done and we all survived. Yep, I know, you are saying "wha??" and "why so secretive??" I don't blog about anything that would hurt someone else's feelings. Especially someone I care about. Let us just say that this person now owes me a big gift...preferably fabric. Maybe say ohhhhhh 600 yards!

On with life! See that cute kiddo over there?? That is Jen's son. She came to Dayton for a visit at the beginning of summer and we took the kids to Waynesville. Ahhhhh Waynesville, you had me at hello. There are ducks swimming happily in a lake, Amish food which I partook of very happily, a jammin fabric store and a bunch of antique shops.

We also went to Young's Dairy while they were here. As you can see My Boo-Bear is in love with the baby cows. This one fell under her spell and they had a long conversation about how she will never eat a burger again. Never. Ever. Til two days later when we went out for dinner and she forgot her baby cow love. :)

This is my niece. Smiling. Even though she proclaimed that Dairy's smell like cows...and goats...and why oh why did we not go to the mall/pass the hand sanitizer!

Nothing like a bunch of kids with dimes in their pockets and a machine that lets you pay 10 cents for a hand full of pellets to feed the baby goats. There was much happy dancing that day...especially when we went inside and got some of their very yummy ice cream. No I do not have a picture of that. Seems I eat my ice cream like a woman starved on a desert island. heh.

I broke up my summer in 4 parts. Stay tuned for some sewing pics....they are already downloaded on the computer...just awaiting their turn....lots of greens and Burgundy's and yummy mustard's! Oh fabric, I thank you for being there for me this summer.

hugs everyone!!


mascanlon said...

Hmm...I'll bet I know the favor and your a good woman Dawn!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well, happy summer to you -- I look forward to the next installment and I do hope that the secretive favor is returned/repaid in yardage too plentiful to measure.

Lauren The Artist said...

I loved the visit. You'll have to come out to my place sometime after October. =) I LOVE this line- "like a woman starved on a desert island." I'm pretty sure that's how I eat everything!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Looks like it was a fun day out!! Glad boo-bear didn't keep up her non cow eating stance, take it from me it is not fun!!! Looking forward to the quilt photos.

Mary Johnson said...

I'm glad you survived whatever it was and I completely understand about not posting everything online.

QuiltingFitzy said...

OMG, SO,SO,SO homesick. Youngs? THE BEST ice cream, took the girls there MANY times. Waynesville, *sigh*. You seriously went to Waynesville and didn't go to the FABRIC SHACK??? Guess you'll have to go back.

Oh goodness now I have to make Cincinnati Chili, it's the only cure for homesickness.

Thanks for the pics!

Waiting patiently for Part 2.