Saturday, August 15, 2009

We're bored....

Can I ask the moms out there a question??? Do your kids come to you when in the middle of a "sleep over" and tell you they are bored?? And want you to fix that ASAP?? And what is there to dooooooo whine whine whine???? Our Boo-Bear is the queen of this. Come to think of it our 16 year old did this at 12 too.
When I told her that in my day we entertained ourselves at sleepovers and walked 4 miles, uphill, in the snow to do this she just rolled her eyes at me.

When did we become the idea man?? I remember playing barbies til the wee hours of the morning.......doing elaborate hair-dos.....telling secrets never to be shared with any one else/pinky swear.......lamenting on the fact that so and so got her period and oh my goodness when will we get ours???!.......sneaking downstairs to get a bag of chips then sneaking back upstairs to eat it.....and giggling. Oh my goodness the giggling. Now that is the way to have a sleepover if you ask me!

I made up my mind at the beginning of the summer.....gah this summer!!......that my child would learn to entertain herself whenever she had a sleepover. Sure they could stay up as long as they wanted. They could eat junk food. Do whatever. But they had to figure it out. I would no longer be the idea man. You should have seen her face. "But what will we do??" she asked me at least a hundred times. I just told her that I didn't know but it had to be something and it had to be out of the living room cause that was where I was being at one with my thoughts. Whenever I reminded her that she could, surprisingly, entertain her guest and herself she would go back to her friend and say "My mom says we have to figure it out" then they would look at each other in horror. Us?? Use our imaginations?? Oh my.

So how did it go you ask?? School starts this Tuesday. The last sleepover was had this weekend. I watched as my daughter and her friend made friendship bracelets, ate a whole bag of goldfish crackers while laying in bed, shared secrets never to be spoken of again/pinky swear, had pizza, drank 54210 juice boxes, played a game, watched a movie......and giggled. She opened up her mind and used her imagination. She didn't even have to walk 4 miles uphill in the snow to do so and I think she may be a better person for it. :)


Jodi said...

My kids just did that this weekend! Drove me nuts!

I think they are so used to the tv or computer giving them entertainment that they don't know how to find their own. Last summer I banned computers and tv. I think next summer that will be the case again.

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like Boo-Bear and her friends 'got' it by the end!!! Nothing better than a good sleepover. I try banning the word 'bored' in my house!!!

Lauren The Artist said...

Man, we aren't even at the 12yo sleep over age... I do like your approach, though!

Leigh said...

Good for Boo Bear! And good for you!

secondofwett said...

Since I've been parenting for 35 yrs...and still have 4 at home.....I've seen kids change a lot...when my oldest were younger they did't have videos, dvd's, game boys, WII's or anything else remotely electronic, including computers....they had the greatest imaginations and were always being creative.....well, fast forward to the last 4....if they don't have tv or game priveledges they look at you with a blank stare....but'what should we do' standard answer..'I'm not your activity director...figure it out! I really think that all the 'stuff' that has been created for our pleasure has killed our imaginations!