Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summertime Part 3

The hubby and I have been to a few Jazz concerts this summer. We bring a blanket and our neat stadium seats. We like to sit in the grassy knoll area. There is more room to move around and you get an awesome breeze out there.
The other night we saw Dave Brubeck and had a ball. Really really good!

Here are our feet being all in love. :)

I call this "Feet in love, a still life" because I am witty and artsy while at Jazz Concerts.

Lots of people show up to these concerts. I have the best time people watching while he listens to the music. The lady next to me?? Totally reading Twilight. I may have hugged her and called her sister. heh.
Tonight it is Boney James!


Lauren The Artist said...

That sounds lovely. I don't think Altus has anything like that... I don't even think they have a grassy knoll!

Johanna said...

Adorable shoes and Dave Brubeck? I LOVE him!

Leigh said...

That really sounds like fun! I wanna go!