Sunday, August 30, 2009

Three glasses of wine and many many deep thoughts....

So there are those among you who are sitting in your home and wondering.......what would I be thinking about after partaking of three glasses of wine whilst sitting in my house in Ohio.
Because I am nothing if not a blogger who tells all/does all I will let you know exactly what you would be thinking after three lovely glasses of a very nice Pinot on sale for $6.55.

1. Why can I not eat as many raisonettes as I want and not gain any weight??
2. I think my house still smells like skunk...but hello!! I do not care right now since I have had three lovely glasses of Pinot Grigio! Hazzah!
3. My husband is pretty cute in a Denzel Washington kinda way.
4. giggle out loud and then shush imaginary listeners.
5. I wonder if I should have another glass of this lovely wine and then email Jen and Leigh and tell them how much I love them and admire them.
6. Probably shouldn't.
7. Spend 10 minutes wondering if I should get some chickens like Judy.
8. Wonder if neighbors would mind as we live right on top of each other.
9. giggle while imagining neighbor with 451224 wooden crosses on wall hearing a rooster crow at the crack of dawn. (this is the neighbor who declines to say hello and who has been crossed off of my Christmas card list...not that I have one or anything but if I did she would totally be crossed off of red ink no less)
10. Tell self that you should always blog after three glasses of wine as you are mucho funnier-o.
11. Make a to-do list. At the top of this to-do list is email all the wonderful people who felt your pain at the whole skunk debacle and left a you people very very much!
12. Think of the people who left a comment after your skunk debacle and tell yourself that you are very lucky sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffff to have such people out there in the world.
13. Contemplate if you could go in the kitchen and have a 4th glass of this lovely Pinot Grigio without letting the hubby know.
14. Realize that you probably couldn't and as the hubby wants you to go to Blockbuster and pick out a movie with him the 4th glass would be a huge no-no.
15. giggle as you realize the people in Blockbuster are gonna be real tickled when you walk in and announce that you have a crush on Batman and there better be a movie or two with Christian Bale in it or heads will roll.
16. Wonder if heads would really roll and then giggle to yourself cause right about now that is preeeety funny.
17. Contemplate calling your mother and asking her to read this blog post so she can tell you if it is inappropriate or not.
18. Tell yourself that it is healthy to want your mothers approval at 40.
19. Sit in awe that you are 40 and have a sassy hair cut.
20. Tell yourself that since you are at number 20 you should probably end this as no one out there is reading at this point because everyone out there has a life and is probably enjoying a little pinot grigio of their own.

:) Happy Saturday everyone!!!!


Kelly Ann said...

thanks for the post...after a long day on my feet your going on's put a smile on my face...and don't stop at three glasses cause that means there's one lonely glass of wine left in the bottle..go for it.

QuiltingFitzy said...

You need to figure out how much more you can have without anyone notice! lol

I'd say I would if I were you...but I'm totally allergic to alcohol and broke out profusely from having a couple of sips (OK, they were SLUGS) of dh's Asai this evening!

Stephanie D said...

You changed your header!

Thoughts after drinking hot chocolate/amaretto coffee mixture:

If I have another, will I be able to sleep tomorrow so I can come back and work tomorrow night?


Anonymous said...

Love you Dawn. Your awesome. Say hi to the rest of the Owenses. Oh, and tell them that its a good thing that their uncle Jeff lives 6 hours away or I would have had to clean you guys out in rummy tonight. **sigh** You should probably just send me money since I didnt ... :)


Jeanne said...

Heehee, after three ... or four ... glasses, I wouldn't care if anyone noticed anything. In fact, I wouldn't even NOTICE if anyone was noticing anything. Dawn, you always make me smile.
Jeanne, who's off to pour herself a glass of merlot.

dianne said...

ha h ha! i must not have a life because i read all the way to 20 and couldn't stop laughing ... gonna hafta get me some of that sumpin sumpin...

Chookyblue...... said... your all tucked up in bed by now..........hope you snuck in the 4th glass.......

Lauren The Artist said...

Lovely. Jen loves the pink fluffy heart emails!

mascanlon said...

The deepest of thoughts are always accompanied by merlot or sometimes a soft pinot grigio (which goes fabulously with BBQ ribs too)

quiltmamajb said... vino veritas! So many funny and yet profound things in those three glasses - thanks for sharing your innermost being. Isn't it amazing how they (husbands) may not notice the house falling down around them - but will pick up on the fourth glass of wine?! Hope you went for it and were none the worse for it today. And about that sassy haircut - way to go! Good for you....hope this week goes a little smoother than last week. BTW - did you ever watch the movie???? Piece...

Leigh said...

Love you girl! I ALWAYS enjoy getting your emails after a few. I makes me remember some really great times in Korea. Like the bunco after party. Just really special.

Jodi said...


Drinking and blogging.... LOL

Lynn said...

Hi - I just read your comment on Amandajean's blog about the Wal-mart story. I thought - I have to visit this blog. What a great story that was - good for you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely!!! As usual. Luv, Ms. Carmen. (i forgot my blogger password)

Rebekah said...

You are the funniest girl ever!!! I posted some wedding pics! Missing you!!

Judy Laquidara said...

Lay off that wine! It could cause problems! :) You may not want to get chickens if you live real close to your neighbors but you can come visit my chickens any time you wish. They're very friendly girls! :)