Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summertime Part 2....

I had me some bare walls in the sewing room that were driving me crazy. Bare walls are not to be tolerated here at Chez' Fill Every Space You Can. I kept looking for some shelves I could put my quilts on and wow, expensive much?! I did the only thing I could do under such circumstances and called me Daddy AKA Wood Master.
A week later I had some shelves and signs. This one says "Home is where you hang your heart." My dad makes them and my mom paints them. I swear they could go in business together.

Here is one of the shelves he made...complete with a quilt bar. Yeah, he is every quilters dream with these shelves.

This one was perfect for my Dresses Quilt. It makes me happy just looking at it.

Here is the empty no more wall. Oh, side note, see the very smallish sewing machine on rockin quilt frame?? There is now a bigger one on layaway that will be in my hot little hands sometime in September and yes I have been having trouble sleeping at night cause I am so excited I can't stand it!

I put this shelf by my treadmill with a very soothing colored quilt. It helps me run...okay, not really run persay...but sorta more like a walk/jog/moany thing. heehee

Off to quilt!!


Lauren The Artist said...

Ooooh- I didn't know you were getting a new machine. What will you be doing with the old one? *hint hint hint* I do love those shelves. Does your dad sell them at craft shows? He should!

Lauren The Artist said... know, I bet he could travel to quilt guilds with a few pictures from your house and some inventory and make a killing.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your space looks great, warm and welcoming. I have a precious little shelf that my Dad made for me, I wouldn't ever part with it! Congrats on the new machine!!

Leigh said...

Love the room girlie!

Chocolate Cat said...

I love your dress quilt!! and I love your dad and his shelves!! Oh I wish I lived closer and could hint to him how much I loved them!!! We can't buy them here....but I need some.