Thursday, May 29, 2008

After lunch update....

So they are back from lunch and my house it smells of kimche!!!! Yummmmmm fermented vegetables!! Can we say smelli-belli!!!
They are back...still packing and still amazed at the amount of stuff we have in here. I can cram some stuff in nooks and cranny's like nobody's buz-niss! :)
The hubby is home now. He handled the whole $800 in tickets debacle. They understoond that it wasn't fair for them to just hold these tickets cause they didn't get our Air Force address. They understood that if we had known we couldn't drive in a bus lane or actually read Korean then we wouldn't have gotten some of the tickets. Can they take some away. No. Can they lower some?? Not really. So they are all paid and the van will be on a very large boat sometime tomorrow..thank you Lord!
My kiddos are all home from school. Getting in the Adashee's way. That'll teach em to get all nekkid in ma' his-ouse!


Kim West said...

and I thought moving from WA to HI was bad!!!