Thursday, May 29, 2008

Moving Day is Here!!!

Ever wonder what a military wife (or hubby) goes through when the packers and movers show up?? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell I am here to tell lucky dogs you!!

Oh, I've given myself a break on the while pictures thing. I will get to it this weekend when the who debacle is ovah.:)

So it is 8:30 in the a-yem here in cloudy South Korea. I've spent the past week getting ready for the packers to descend upon us. I have thrown a box full of large black trash bags full of stuff away. I've cleaned and cleaned again. I've done a mountain of dishes cause my kiddos need to drink in a glass glass and not a dixie cup. That's where the yelling came in. I yelled. I yelled some more. I took long hot baths and re-thought this whole military spouse thing. I took a couple of Valium. Didn't help me sleep a-tall. Did enough laundry to clothe a small country. What I'm trying to say is this...I am as ready as I will ever be. The packers are here. They are speaking much Korean and figuring things out. My dog is freaking out in the "No Pack Zone" and the cat is voicing his opinion on such awful treatment. He has a thing for boxes so is banished to the "No Pack Zone" as well. (it's actually the computer room with the door shut and taped off)
Just had an Adashi walk through and say good morning. I have given them coffee...opened up the fridge and shown them where cold soda's are...and shown them the water machine so they can get cold water all day long. I'm in!
I hear tape being torn and boxes being built. We live on the third floor so the "Bongo Truck" has been dispatched and things will go out by way of our balcony. I know I have a picture of that around here someplace....I'll try and find it.
So far so good.
Updates to follow. :)
Never a dull moment is our motto here at Chez' Owens!


Jenna said...

Hoping your move goes well. We pack out on Tuesday for our move to Seoul. They've assured us that it will take only 1 (one) day. Are you kidding me?? They were here for someone else the other day until....get this 12:30 AM!!!! Not nice words were being said by me!!! So, good luck and keep in touch with me.

Leigh said...

Dawn, did they get it all done?!