Friday, May 02, 2008

Daaaaaaaang I'm good!!!

Look what I made you guys!!!! I know, I can't believe it either!!! I just saw the pics of my quilts that Walker Jen's mom....... just finished quilting for me. Wow they turned out good!!! I can't wait to get these babies in the mail! The first one I made out of all the fabric that the Capt got me for Christmas...well truth be told he was smart and gave Walker Leigh a bunch of money to pick out some fabric for smart man!

The second one is for Middle Daughter. She picked out the colors.....she likes them brights! hahahahahahaha

Happiness is some quilts coming in the mail to drool over!!!
Thanks karensquilting!!!


Anonymous said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaang you are good! I know I will find somewhere in my house for the beautiful quilts. Thanks Honey.
Love Mom

Mary Johnson said...

They are both pretty nice! My Mom tries to claim my quilts too PLUS she's made herself a bunch that I've quilted for her too.

Leigh said...

Those turned out great!