Thursday, May 29, 2008

In the home stretch....and I escaped for a bit!!!

I had to go and pay for The Son's suit we had made for prom so while I was on base and had to potty really really bad I ran over to Walker Leighs for a bit. Had a nice glass of water and then hit the road back to the craziness. I pulled up to the bongo truck being put to good use. Our stuff is loaded on the flat bed contraption from our balcony on the 3rd floor and then two adashees wait for it to fill up and come down. Then they step into action and load our things in big ole' crates. They just painted all of our pertinent info on the sides of the crates and it looks like our delivery date in the states is set for August 15th. Yeah. I will be without my stuff for that long ladies. Thank you all for feeling sad for me. I am feeling sad too.

My new couch just went down.
There went the love seat.
Annnnnd there goes our entertainment center.

They just asked the hubby for the leftover liquor we took out of our semi-bar!!!! hahahahahaha The hubby said okay! We are in like flynn now bab-ees!!


Mary Johnson said...

That's a really long time to be without your stuff even if you did keep a sewing machine and a couple projects out.