Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Walker Jen...a confession..

Dear Walker Jen,
Remember the other day when you were just a "tad" stressed out about the movers coming and Walker Leigh and I gave you sage advice?? Member some of our advice included...
- Girl just start one room at a time
- purge all the junk
- you can do this!!
- get it together!!
- no need to be stressed!! Nope, none at all!
- moving is a piece of just need to be organized.

Hmph. Well I have a confession to make. Sunday was my day to do all the above. The packers come this Thursday and I had a whole plan. I woke up Sunday, looked around, thought of all I had to do and then promptly went back to bed at noon and didn't get up again til 6pm. No lie girlfriend. The kids and the hubby all walked around silently. They were in fear of invoking the crazy woman so they left me alone. Every once in awhile someone would peek in on me and ask if I was okay. Then they would back out when they saw me hugging my blankie and sucking my thumb, rocking to and fro singing lullaby's to myself. It weren't pretty.
On Monday I told myself I had to do better. I had to get it together. This was me!!! I was a moving machine!!! I could do this!! Again, by noon I was found. Taking a break. Eating a popcicle hiding behind a bunch of quilts and blankets I had just folded. I had answered a gazillion questions. I had helped the girls with their rooms. Boo-Bear, of course, took it upon herself to go through her room alone and found two large garbage bags full of old papers and just she didn't want. Did she put any of it in the bags?? No she did not. She pushed it in piles and the made a fort in her closet where she hid out eating popsicles and reading Archie comics. (hmmmmm just had an epiphany...if that girl isn't like me I don't know who is) I confess to you, Dear Walker Jen, that I almost had a break down right then and there. What finally sent me to the corner was walking into the kitchen and seeing what my "family" had done in there. shudder!
After an hour break I got myself back together and did the rest of the house. I am still working on laundry. I still need to help everyone pack but that is a chore better left for tomorrow. The hubby still needs to go through all the papers he's left everywhere and The Son needs to make sure his graduation stuff is in the "NO PACK ZONE"
So my dearest friend. Next time you look at Walker Leigh and I with a crazed look in your eyes and say maybe all this moving stuff isn't for you...I will be the first one to fix you a beer and say
My apologies,


Lauren The Artist said...

Its like ripping off a bandaid VERY VERY slowly... oh and the bandaid is made of F*R*E*A*K*I*N Duct Tape... Unfortunately, thats the best, ahem, useful advice I have regarding the move. Well, the packing portion, in hind-sight. stinkin duct-taped bandaids! Hang in there!!! ~jen~ {aka Walker Jen}

buffi said...

My friend, it happens to all of us. I swear I say that the whole "relocating" isn't the hard part of the PCS. It's the actual MOVE that just about pushes me over the edge every time. It's so overwhelming trying to remember everything that you want to save for hold baggage and what to put in suitcases and what you just need to THROW AWAY. Don't even got me started on the UNPACKING. Oy.

Every time we PC I wish that I could be like Jeannie and just fold my arms, tip my head and *ding* I'm in my new, neatly organized house. At whatever rathole base the Air Force decides to send us.

I think Jen's duct tape bandaid analogy is DEAD-ON.

buffi said...

(that should have been PCS - not PC. I'm a dork.

Leigh said...

Girl, it will be okay! It always works out!

Elaine Adair said...

Hang in there -- it will get done!