Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am such a goofball!

This morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee I happened across Walker Leigh's blog ( and tried to leave a comment. I hit what I thought was enter and all of the sudden I heard a Korean womans voice coming out of my laptop speakers. Here was my first thought...

"Oh crap!!! They are now telling me I need to pay my internet bill through the computer cause I won't answer the phone.........ever!!!"

My second thought was..

"How cool is that??!!?"

Yeah. Just figured out what happened...know when you go to post a comment and you can see that wheelchair icon?? If you press on that a voice comes on telling you what word you need to type in if the account has word verification. Since I live in Korea it comes out in Korean. It was not the phone company/internet company tracking me down.



Leigh said...

I love you!