Friday, May 23, 2008

Excuses.... as you see there are no pics today. My dog ate them..heehee I really do have a good excuse..I have about a zillion of them actually. Wanna hear them?? Here we go:
1. Baseball: The Boo Bear is on a baseball team. Every Saturday and sometimes on Fridays we have games. Plural. Some days we have back to back games. Then I am so exhausted from cheering and shouting for her to hit the ball that I need a nap. So I take one. Maybe I take two.
2. The ever present sadness. Or what we like to call in the family "mom's black goop" They were here with a vengeance for a couple of weeks. You know what you hear when you put in ear plugs?? How you can hear a little bit but not all the way?? That is how I felt. It is only my superhuman amazing powers of greatness that kept me going these past 4 months. Oh, well that and a little visit to the doctor to UP THE MEDS ALREADY AND GIVE THIS GIRL A FRICKIN BREAK!! Then she slowly backed away and opened the pharmacy. She told me to take whatever I needed. I am now happy again. God bless "vitamins!!"
3. Moving. Good gravy. We are moving. From South Korea back to the good ole US of A. It takes a lot of work to do this. Lots of papers. Lots of "oh, we didn't really understand your address cause you are Air Force and this here is an army base so you've been getting tickets since 2006 and you need to pay them before we can ship your van." Can I tell you that if we sent the money to a third world country instead they would no longer be a third world country. We had no idea we were doing anything wrong as all the signs are in Korean but we still gots to pay the Man. Hate the Man!!
4. Very traumatic trip to the (shudder) dentist! Had a tooth break. It had been heading that way for awhile. Sunday before church I bit into some gum and heard a crack. Then felt pain all the way into my eyeball. Knew I was in trouble. The hubby knew it cause I screamed and bolted to the bathroom. Then he wanted to see it. I held onto my face and yelled "no!! don't touch me!!" While he rolled his eyes and prayed I would grow up and stop acting 12 and all. Had to run to the ER to get the tooth pulled. Was introduced to percocet. I love you percocet. I see puffy pink clouds and hear Carpenter songs when I take some percocet. Where is my percocet by the way..I think it may be time to take another lovely pill. Again...THANK GOD FOR "VITAMINS!!"
5. The Son Is Graduating. My baby is grown. He has hair on his chin. He likes to look at it and comb it and show it to us every chance he gets. He is graduating High School in two weeks. Where did the time go?? This is the kid who had me at hello. I was so excited to be pregnant with him. He was going to be my son named...well The Son for all you stalkers sitting in your underwear reading this doing a little diddle to yourself. EWWWWW to you!! Anyway, like I said. He is graduating. We have had a flurry of activity trying to get him ready. The money you spend on a senior the last couple of months of high school is astronomical! It is worth it though to see his face when he opens up his announcements or puts on his 2008 grad t-shirt. It hurts my heart a little every time he wakes up and announces how many days left of school he has. I may have snuck into his room at night to look at him whilst he slept. Just so I could love him from the doorway and have wonderful hopes of greatness and happiness for him as he goes into adulthood. SNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFF did I already say THANK GOD FOR VITAMINS??!!

Well good friends, that is some of the stuff that has been going on here. All of that and my daddy going through chemo. I am back now. Better then ever!! Today my girls and I are going to Osan for a shopping trip. Well, since the hubby got all those tickets (yeah!! I called ya out Capt!!) I can't really shop but I can go along and have me some fun. Oh, and eat at Chili's!! Which isn't a big deal if you are in America but it is if you are in the land of "Cow innards are yummy."
I loves me some chili's!!
I promise pics this weekend!!!
bye everyone...and thank you for all the kind emails. You guys are better then percocet!! heehee


Chocolate Cat said...

Okay you win, those are pretty good excuses!!! Let off just this time! Enjoy your day.

Lauren The Artist said...

I cannot wait to see the pictures. I hope the shopping trip helped you forget about a couple of your excuses. ~jen~

Leigh said...

Life gets crazy sometimes and we realize how strong we are. YEAH for "vitamins"!