Monday, January 01, 2007

2007!! and the mafia guy!! and intrigue!!! What a night!!

It is officially 2007! Wow where has the year gone?? Tonight we went to church to ring in the new year. I've got lots to share!! Remember that post about the main mafia guy here in Korea?? My Capt and I were at a restaurant with friends and when we were leaving we saw this awesome Lamborghini. He asked the guy standing there if he could take a picture of the car and the man said yes. When we got into our friends car she told us he was the main mafia guy!! Well tonight we saw him again!!! As we were driving to church we saw the car AND the mafia guy getting out of it. There was another guy...I think probably his bodyguard..who was ushering him into another car. The guy opened the car door for him and stood right by his side til he got in. Then they sped off. The other car was a BMW. Intrigue intrigue intrigue!!! I am sure I was watching a "major deal" going down. Sigh...then it was off to church. CHURCH WAS FAB-U-LOUS!!! It started at 10 and then at midnight we went to another room to eat breakfast. A Korean group of singers came and I tell ya...they gave us all goosebumps they were so good. It was a really special way to ring in the year. We were all there as a family, safe and happy. I started thinking what my resolutions should be. Usually I go with the whole lose weight thing and a couple of other regulars. This year I'm not even going there. I AM going to try and be healthier and exercise cause it makes the hubby happy and we all know I LIVE FOR THAT!! heehee But mainly I was thinking that this year I will try my hardest to just be kind. We have been teaching the kiddos in Sunday school about the Golden unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is my resolution for this year. I just want to be nice. This includes being nice to myself. Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves and I have resolved to be "okay with me." So if I see any of you in the future let me know how I am doing and have a wonderful New Year!! May this next year be full of fun, filled with happiness and find you safe. It is now 2am so I am off to bed! Nighty night all!!