Friday, January 26, 2007

my first paycheck!!

I got paid today!!!!!! Can you hear the happiness in my writing??! This is my first paycheck in over 12 years!! I only worked a day and a half but let me tell you that my bacon bits looked good in the ole' bank account!! It would pay for dinner out with the hubby but I don't care!! I made some money!! heehee Why I find that so satisfying I have no idea. I just felt like I contributed something which begs the question...haven't I been contributing something all these years at home with my kids? SHOOT YES! Hmmmm something for me to ponder. I had a lady ask me the other day if I regreted not working all this time, like maybe I let a bunch of opportunities pass me by. I don't feel that way at all. My kiddos are happy, healthy and safe. I feel that when I became a mom that my opportunity to stay home was a blessing! Many moms out there have to work. And please don't mistake me...whatever works for your family is great! To each his own is my motto. For us it's been good having me home. We move around so much and my hubby has such crazy hours I felt like I was the one constant in their lives. Boy this sounds preachy...okay back to feeling great about making some money....happy dance time!!! WHOOPIE!!! AND A HUGE KUDDOS TO ALL THOSE MOMMAS OUT THERE WHO EITHER WORK OR STAY HOME. We are the bomb!!


Anonymous said...

That's good news ! I'm happy for you !....
Thanks for your comment on my blog, about my "Safe Haven" blocks, yours are absolutely gorgeous ! I had almost forgotten that pattern in my UFO's tray, now I absolutely have to work on it, now and then, for two reasons : the first one is I love it, the 2nd one is I have to catch you up !
LOL (challenge is a good way to progress....)

Smiles !

Pam said...

Good for you! And don't let anyone tell you that you haven't been working all along...being a momma is hard work, being a wife is hard work. Congratulations on the paycheck! I stayed home with my boys while they were little, when they went to school, I went to work part time (very part time) it was the best of both worlds. I am so thankful that my DIL can stay home with my grandchildren.

My Thanh said...

I took off a year to have my first son, then went back to work for a year teaching. I quit to have my second son, and I haven't gone back yet. I totally believe you should be a working mom if you want, and I thought that's what I wanted as well. It was hard, though, leaving my baby everyday. I'm happier at home with my kids.
I'll go back to work when they go to school. I do miss teaching and using my brain.
But congrats and good luck to you! I did a little substitute teaching a while back, and I know that it's really hard! Much harder than having your own class, I think. But I'm sure all those teachers over there love having you around!

P.S. I don't think you were preachy at all. We moms all need to start doing what works for us and our families and stop worrying about what other people think! Parenting is hard enough without rude people criticizing what they don't understand.

Lauren The Artist said...

Last night, before bed, I looked up at the ceiling and noticed it sagging a little. Weird, right?? That must have been where you set your FAT piggy bank, upstairs!! Congrats!!

~TheJen (of downstairs)~

Cynthia said...

Hi Dawn, i've enjoyed reading your posts. Congratulations on your first pay check. When i had my two girls i chose to stay at home. They are now 17 and nearly 19 and i only work a couple of mornings a week as i like to be home when they get home from school and uni.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Yeah, a big fat stay at home from me as well. Last year I did a whole 7 substitute teaching days (in my boy's prep class!!)-I was exhausted. I love it, but I love being here for my kids more. You only get one chance... and I seem to be on enough committees and have enough quilts to make and enough sheep to chase and chooks to feed and coffees with friends to have...that I can't quite fit in work!My credo is "NO-one ever lay on their deathbed and said,'I wish I worked more!' (Well, I don't think they did!!!) Cheers, I mustn't keep you, you have naked dancing snow men to look out for!