Thursday, January 25, 2007

chicken soup + cookies = a happy man once again

The Capt came home and got his homemade chicken soup plus I threw in some chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven for good measure. His belly is now full and he's watching a movie on TV...happily. Our little boo-bear has a friend over and her older sister has them both in the kitchen making sugar cookies...flour is everywhere. The oldest is out with friends. Life is good here at Chez' Owens. Night everyone!!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

My name is Indigo Montoya-you killed my father, prepare to die. Oh, wait, wrong blog site.....
Only joking, just a little princess bride humour from a fellow fan!
It would have cost me at least a steak to make up for the pancake disaster, you did well. Also, I have a quite good (if I do say so myself...) little tutorial on how to make a log cabin pincushion chook. I reckon it was in my first month of posting (i don't know how to do those link things) and it's all there. As you wish, Tracey

Lil said...

Do I know you??? Have we met? I haven't been to the Hawaaiian Quilting Class (i think it is on Mondays and Thursdays at the CAC. that Kyong teaches in quite a while. I went one time to the quilt get together that they do at the Walker Chapel and give the quilts to the orphanage. Do you know any of those ladies? Do you quilt with them? Do you quilt with any of your buddies? Maybe I know them. Hmmmmm...

I think I know the building you are talking about for fabric. Is is the one that isn't in the market? You go over the steps and down the road and it is on the same side as the hospital? I think this is what you are talking about.

I am a thirty minute bus ride from Walker. I go there every so often to jaunt through the PX since ours here at Carroll is so small.

I will give you my email so I don't clog up your blog with my LONG comment.

Hope to hear from you-

Susie said...

You've been busy since my last visit. Blogger has been a pill about letting me comment. Chicken and dumplings is real comfort food for sure! And chocolate chip cookies? I'm sure your family loved those!

Unknown said...

Oh, that sounds good!

btw, YES I did get the pattern! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. It has been a little crazy around here. IE:kids are requiring a lot of attention this week.

I printed it off and it is on the list for me to do. It looks like a great pattern. A HUGE thank you for sharing it with me!