Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's that time of year again. Last night the hubby brought home his W-2. I hopped online and went straight to After 15 minutes we had a return!!!! Gotta love the internet. The actual refund drops into your bank account in 10 days but they file and tell you what you get right away. Hurray!! I am feeling a HUGE fabric spree in my future!!

Today was a nice day. I went to Downstairs Jen's house to cut some more blocks for my BOM. I'm sewing one up right now. Guess what..............this morning I looked out the window to see what the weather was like and there was Naked Korean man!!! And he didn't have a stitch on. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS GUY?????????????????????? I about killed myself running for the camera. When I came back he was gone. I think he knows I'm trying to get a picture of him for the blog. Hey, maybe he reads me!!! Is that you out there Naked Korean Man???????? GET THOSE CLOTHES OFF AND STAND ON YOUR BALCONY AGAIN SO PEEPING DAWN CAN POST A PICTURE OF YOU...with the man parts blocked out of course..heehee. And I found out that I get to substitute for the Home Ec teacher on the 5th..6th..7th..and 8th of Feb. Whoooo whoooo money money money....MONEY!! That is another fabric spree. Happy quilting everyone!



Jenna said...

You'll have to spend some of that MONEY when we go to the fabric mart!! Tuesday?? Good for you?? Let me know!

Rebekah said...

Girl...I so wish I could come there...we could have a girls night and laugh all night at all of your crazy antics (sp)!!!! I miss you!!!

Pam said...

I thought you were working to pay off bills?? LOL LOL LOL this a habit of his? Is he on a regular schedule? Interesting!

Kim West said...

We were able to get ours from online Saturday morning and i hopped in the car and went to Jackson Hewitt and got a check on Sunday. I would have much rather done turbotax for much cheaper - but long story short, it was necessary due to a mess up with my husband in Florida right now and no advance travel pay. It drops in the bank on Monday (partial money in bank already after begging bank manager).