Thursday, January 25, 2007

my cranky Capt....

Okay, so yesterday I went to Downstairs Jens house to cut some blocks for my BOM project. I also had my middle daughter home sick...she is still home today with a fever...I wasn't able to get to the grocery store cause I was home with her. The hubby was going to be at work late so I'm thinking dinner can be something quick and easy....pancakes!!! Then...then! a friend of my daughters comes over after dinner. His parents are in the states due to a death in the family so a lot of the mommas at church are taking care of him. My daughter invited him over for dinner before she got sick but in her defense she did say she had to ask first...I promise this is going somewhere. :) Anyway since she didn't get back to him we figured he wouldn't come. Nope!!! Hell hath nothing on a starving boy just after basketball practice. So I hurried and looked in the fridge and warmed up a couple of the pancakes and gave him the last two eggs. GUESS WHO CAME HOME AND CAME HOME HUNGRY???! Yep, the Capt. If you have never seen a man get cranky when he is tired and hungry and only has pancakes smothered in butter and cinnamon to eat well let me tell ya it ain't pretty!!! Since the pancakes were pretty good, if I do say so myself, I had a hard time finding any sympathy for him. Annnnnd I might've told him so...heeheehee. In the spirit of restoring harmony to my little part of the world I am making up a batch of this...chicken and dumplings. I'll get that man's tummy all warm and toasty if it's the last thing I do!!!! Everyone say a prayer that tonight goes better then last night!!!! VIVA LA CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS!!


Lil said...


I just found your blog! Funny thing cuz we have some of the same links to other blogs but I have never seen your blog or link before.

I live in Waegwan. Where do you go shopping for your quilt fabrics? I usually go to Seo Mun market but last year the entire fabric building burnt down. They still have fabric but not as much. =(

Do you get together with other quilters? If you dont' mind me asking, what city do you live?

Anyway, hope to hear from you. Come and take a look at my blog too. I do mostly crazy quilting tho.

Anonymous said...

This is "downstairs Jen" here. I can give you directions to the great big 3-story fabric mart down in Daegu. Its on HWY 51, between 40 and 50. (Soemun is on 57, between 40 and 50, if that gives you a better reference.) Its in a an old Emart and has big rainbow (red orange yellow blue) fabric banners on the side of the building directly above the turn in, for the free parking garage. For having 3 floors of fabric, it really doesn't have many notions at all, so you'll still have to run over to Soemun for that kind of stuff.

I LOVE the fabric mart!! Its like seamstress crack! Viva Korea!