Saturday, January 06, 2007

Growing up

Well our son had quite the weekend. He and his girlfriend broke up. It's sad cause we liked her and they had been together for a couple of months. He is 17 and his heart is mending fast! The reason that they broke up is what's stuck in my craw! Her father doesn't want her to date someone outside of her own race. Let me tell you I said it much nicer this time then the blog I had written just previously...I raged on and on about how I felt on the subject and then took a nap. I woke up and decided that I couldn't care less how "he" came across in the blog but I did care about the girl. So anyway, it gave me a lot to think about yesterday. This is my son's first time going down that road. See I am white and my hubby is black...for those of you who don't know us and read the blog to catch more pics of me in the rockin boots. It hurts me. I adore him and know how special he is. It hurts me that someone would look at him and find him wanting just because of his race. I had someone tell me that this is what I signed on for when I married my hubby and I just thought..."ARE YOU ON CRACK??!" The problem is not who I fell in love with...cause let me tell you I feel hard and forever..the problem is looking at the outside of someone and not the in. Isn't that one of the lessons we try and teach our children??
So anyway, my son grew up a little bit this weekend. Maybe not in the way I would've liked for him to, but he did just the same. This will stick with him when he goes looking for his next girlfriend or when it comes time to meet a girls father and it hurts me. More so then it hurt him. He was more upset with the father then with the loss of the relationship...oh to be 17 again!! :)
My hubby was a little amused with my feelings on the subject and said it was something he has dealt with his entire life. Well that hurt me as well. These are "my" guys! So now I am going to have to pray mighty hard that the next time I see the dad I don't go up and punch him in the nose...Bec where are you when I need you!!! Come over fast and bring the toilet paper for some good ole" house TP-ing!!! They still want to be friends and she still wants us to love her, which we do, and she is going to be at church tomorrow, which makes me glad. This is a new chapter in my life with teens. I am going to buckle in tight cause I think this ride may be bumpy. If you think of me this week please just send up a prayer for wisdom and guidence!! I need all I can get!!!! Soon my oldest daughter will be 16 and then she can "date". AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!


Linda C said...

Dawn,, thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to come over and say "hello" and see what you are up to. Sorry to hear about your son's romantic troubles. I looked through several posts and he is a handsome fellow and surely will have no troubles finding another girlfriend double quick.

I think the blog you were talking about the car going over the edge of the mountain road was my dear friend Pam. Thank God that turned out okay---Pam is still having nightmares about it days later, she said. Understandably. It might not have been her but it sounds too coincidental.

AND I saw the cat and dog you mentioned----what cuties!! Gotta love 'em. Who rules the roost--the cat, I bet, LOL.

Rebekah said...

Girl, I am so there...just go sit on the toilet, wait back up...if you should think to cry, think of me peeing behind the car (okay the secret it out!)...then think of donna and treasa being trees in the driveway, then when you almost laugh till you pee your pants go to the potty and have a quiet moment with the toilet paper! Then eat something really really bad for you and know that it is a hug from me! Girl, get it all out, and get through it, and you will handle it better and better each time! Your babies are so smart, and they will learn from it, but I am thinking that they won't be scarred! And I am all the while learning from you too, and Elijah will be so in debt to you all some day! Hugs to Anthony and if he needs a pick me up, remind him that Treasa can turn him beat red in a second!!!! I LOVE YOU!

Darlene said...

While we're raising our children we go through more painful things than we ever thought we would. We hurt for them in ways that is too difficult to explain. Just hug Anthony and be there always - being raised by such a fine mom means he'll be an incredible man. One woman and her father will be lucky to have him in their lives one day!

Elaine Adair said...

So glad you stopped by my Blog. I am going to add you to my Bloglines.

For me, Being a Mom was a wonderful, terrible, rewarding, pointless, difficult, amazing, and dreadful job. I am sorry for your son, wish these lessons or events or whatever you call them, were not painful, but this is our life. Some days are just xxxxy.

Hey, gal, that's why we quilt! 8-)