Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I had to put some gas in Ole' 2010 so while the hubby and I were on base running errands we stopped by the gas station. The guy ahead of us pulls up to the back pump. He could've pulled up to the front so I could get gas too but nope. He gets out of his truck and I ask the hubby to see if he can get him to move up for me. So far everyone in "MY CAR" was happy and relaxed. So the hubby says to Mean Gas-station Guy, "Hi, can you move your car up so my wife can get some gas?" Mean Gas-Station guy says, "No". All mean and sarcastic like, he wouldn't look at my hubby either. The hubby just looks stunned for a minute and then asks the guy why. The guy says if he pulls his truck up there won't be enough room. WHAT???? There was plenty of room!! No one else was at the gas station but Mean Guy and us. So my hubby tries to reason with Mean Gas-Station Guy and the guy turns around and says to my hubby,,, GET THE F#@$ OUT OF MY FACE!!!!!!!!!! I say Oh my gosh! Then it's on!

Hubby: You are a very rude man. That was totally unprofessional. You don't need to use that kind of language in front of my wife or the attendent. (who by now came running out to see what she could do...she weighed about 85 pounds wet so I'm thinking "Yeah, you go girl.")

Here is where it took a down turn. They both stepped close to each other and "had manly words". I'm sitting in the car with the attendent lady standing next to me. She is trying to get me to get out of the car and get my hubby. I'm thinking "Yeah you're on drugs cause I'm not getting in the middle of that! In a minute one of them is gonna cock a leg and pee on the other one to establish who is manlier!" heehee
Mean-Gas-Station-Never-Had-A-Friend-Never-Will-I-Feel-Sorry-For-His-Wife-Guy finally left and shaking attendent lady and shaking wife all breathed a sigh of relief.
WHEN THE CAPTAINS WIFE WANTS GAS SHE BETTER GET HER GAS PEOPLE OR THERE WILL BE YOU KNOW WHAT TO PAY!!!! So goes life in the testosterone zone. :) And how was your day??


Anonymous said...

Woah. Was Mean-gas-station-guy in uniform? Did you get his plates? This town is too small to be telling someone those words. Woah. ~jen of downstairs~

tami said...

Why do men do that? I guess it is just something we women will never understand. We call it "getting chesty" around here and both DH and DS have had their moments.

Three Friends said...
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Jenna said...

Can't believe that happened! Most people around here are friendly and courtous!

Rebekah said...

Girl you have the bestest adventures! And kareem is such a gentleman looking out for you all the time!! i lvoe you!

Anonymous said...

Daughter, you make me laugh out loud!!! Can't wait to have great laughs with you. You are hysterical!
Love Mom