Monday, January 29, 2007

Hurray!! My dog is all better tonight!! Her gums are pink, shes not shaking and she ran around a little when I took her out. The best we can figure out is that she got into some laxitives! That's what the little heathens were trying out this weekend. NOW WHY LAXITIVES I ASK YOU??????????? They are so not fun!!! When I heard it was laxitives I just sat there with my mouth open. I mean come on!!!!! Sheesh! Next thing you know pepto-bismol will be in.

Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts headed our way for my Abbey. I love that dog!! :) Night everyone!



Rebekah said...

LAXATIVES???? Poor Abby. She is probably wondering what the heck we would ever want with them things! I am so glad your baby is better.... never mind she is like one of your kids!

Anonymous said...

Is that how the local kids are staying thin these days? Thats nasty. I'm glad Abby "got it out of her system" literally!

~the jen of downstairs~