Saturday, October 06, 2007

Craft Day...

Once a week the Walker's Jen, Leigh and I try to get together for a craft day. I bring my quilting and Leigh scrapbooks (or works on her first quilt that is turning out to be a stunner!) and Jen does a bit of everything cause she totally rules the "craft world" and can do it all.
To say these days are a balm to my soul would not be an exaggeration. We talk about anything and women...everything.
It's got me thinking this morning. Friendships with other women are so important. Sometimes you are lucky to fall in love and you get a sister of the heart. These are women who totally get the sentence "in the vault". They support you when the crazy hits. They hate other women sight unseen just cause they had the nerve to be mean to you. I absolutely love my girlfriends and I've been blessed with some wonderful ones over the many years of moving wherever the Air Force sends us. So today while I drink my coffee and get ready for another craft day I lift my cup to my sisters of the heart and say thank you for making my life a bit better and certainly more interesting.

a big thank you to the following women who have touched my heart:
Amy H.
Amy R.
Tracey H.
Treasa S.
Paige H.
You all rock!!! (This was not written in any order and your standing can be changed if you send me some chocolate!!!) heehee


Lauren The Artist said...

We gotcha covered! ~jen~

ps... Chocolate's in the mail. :)

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Dawn, you have truly learned what it takes many women a lifetime to learn.One of my dearest friends is a woman I lived next to 30 some years ago...for only 6 months.We have called, written and visited over the years...but never lived close again.Its funny,when we should have come back from South AFrica..last time(June of 2006) Bob applied and made the short list for interviews for a City position in Edmond OK. After he declined the interview and stayed on here...I found out ...yes you guessed it...she has now moved to Edmond.I think God has a sense of humor sometimes.But so glad you know how important these women are in your life!Colleen

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Right, must remeber the chocolate!!!Pleased i am on the list, well, presume it is me!!! lol Tracey