Saturday, October 20, 2007

Update on the hubby...and a book club...

Took my Capt to the doctors yesterday. He does not have a brain tumor! Hurray!!!!!! His head is functioning properly so they are running some other tests to rule out high blood pressure and diabetes. They think he may have one or both. All things considered we are pretty happy!!! Both of those are treatable...the brain tumor not so much.
On to fun things...

I joined a book club with the Spouse Group here on base. The first book we are reading is Water For Elephants.


I can read a book in under two hours. Love to read. Love it with a burning passion. This book makes me want to stab myself in the eyes people!!!! hahahaha I am trying to like it, really I am. I just can't! I think I may skim it and then try to bring something intelligent to the table at our meeting. I think these book club people may be a bunch of smarties. They have IQ's of a ba-zillion or something. Me..again..not so much. Where are all the fluff books??!!! Give me a good Nora Roberts....a Janet Evonovich...a Baby Blues!!! But these deep Oprah books, heavens! I'm sticking with the group though cause the "fun potential" is huge. :)

Today, in about an hour and a half the Capt and I are headed to the afternoon Opera. Yep, they have the Opera in South Korea. Nope, it is not in English. Just thought of any Opera in English??? I plan on taking lots of pictures and documenting the whole wonderful experience. I'll post pictures tomorrow so you can all see what a Korean Opera is all about. I am fully expecting the hubby to fall asleep by Act 2 and this was his idea!

Have a great Saturday all!!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

So pleasd he isn't dying...mine has high bp and diabetesand they have both made his life better because he exercises and watches what he eats now, it's taken years off him...and all gone well and truly back under the radar.
You are going wll with all the teaching, i speak boy too, makes it much easier to teach them if you know the language, Tracey

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know.