Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sweet 15!

My bestest bud in all the world turned 15 yesterday. The most exciting part of it all for her is that she can now date. Yep. Let the games begin. Here is the boy who is her first offi-ci-ale boyfriend..... the the world. They will hear all about you from time to time so keep your hands to yourself and make sure you don't make Middle Daughter cry or the hubby who has arms the size of redwoods will smite you with a vicious thunder. Enjoy! :)
We took her out to dinner last night and invited the boy. All was well.
On another note, I have been soooo busy working. We have a serious shortage of subs so those of us who signed up are getting called in left and right. I am saving for Christmas so this is great for me. Tomorrow I am headed over to Walker Jen's house to have a sew day with her and Walker Leigh. I can't wait!! Getting together with the girls is one of my favoritest things! I started a new quilt for a person who shall be nameless cause she reads my blog. I can say that all the points are matching up and it is turning out to be just gorgeous!! oops...gotta go. I am subbing for 3rd graders today and I like to get an early start. Get the lay of the land so to speak before the little monsters ummm I mean little pride and joys start showing up. Have a great day everyone!!!


Jenna said...

Just wishing middle daughter a happy birthday!! Can't wait to hear the stories about dating. This is something I am SO not looking forward to! Enjoy your day with the girls too....speaking of gifts for people...have you seen Dawn Calisto?? She still needs to give you something! =)

Lauren The Artist said...

Happy Birthday Middle Daughter!!!


Rebekah said...

Middle Daughter gets more and more beautiful with each year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIDDLE DAUGHTER! And many prayers coming your way my friend!

Elaine Adair said...

She is so beautiful, with a beautiful smile. Hope that BOY treats her well.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! We hope it was the best one you've had so far. Valerie just turned 14 on August, but she is not allowed to date until she is 21. I am enrolling her in a Nunery when she is 20, so we have it all figured out.

Uncle Jeff, Polly, Valerie, Jacob, Jonathan & Matthew.