Sunday, October 07, 2007

A dinner/bar party

I'm not sure how it started but a couple of months ago 4 families started getting together at least once a month. There is movie night over at Jen's house...kid friendly..a wine tasting at mine..adults only...Pretty Paige from the 4th floor is soon to be Pretty Paige from the 5th floor and will be having a moving/pizza/beer party...there has been a karaoke night and last night Walker Leigh had a dinner/new bar party. For her birthday she got an awesome new bar. We were to bring a bottle of something neat and then all adults would sit down to a wonderful dinner party. The kids were with babysitters. That is a lovely sentence isn't it!! hahaha
All couples showed up at Walker Leigh's with a bottle of something lovely in hand and then we sat to a wonderful dinner. There were candles burning, lovely things were simmering on the stove and great conversation was flowing. I laughed so hard my tummy hurt when I got home. Pretty Paige from the 4th floor soon to be the 5th floor is married to a pretty funny guy. He kept us all laughing and using stomach muscles we didn't know we had. Anyway, back to the dinner party. Walker Leigh out did herself. Any time a person uses Charger Plates you know you are going to enjoy yourself and feel oh so very Martha. (Martha Stewart that is!) When I got home last night and went to bed I was going over the night. It's neat how the 4 couples each bring something different to the relationship. We all seem to jell really well and never a problem is seen nor heard. We get together with or without kids...we laugh..we eat drink and be merry...we share. (something I am sure the Capt cringes about cause he NEVER knows what I will share at any given moment...heehee I like to keep him on his toes!!) We just have a good time and enjoy each other. Since I was still in my oh so very Martha mode I drifted off to sleep thinking "Friends, it's a good thing."
Hope your Saturday was just as wonderful,


Kim said...

Having other close couples like that is really special! Sounds like you all had a marvelous time!

Bove said...

Having other close couples like that is really special! Sounds like you all had a marvelous time!