Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yesterday was just wonderful! I stayed home..watched Kimora...cleaned my bathrooms and did a mountain of laundry. More importantly I got my nails done. Whew! I feel complete. I am whole again. Just in time too cause today I have to work. I am the aide in Sure Start. That's our equvalent of Pre-K. Yep. Potty breaks and sing-a-longs and messy lunches are in my future. :) I have to admit, I like the Sure Start kiddos. They are still soooo sweet. No attitude. You may get a tear when they say goodbye to their mommies but since this is week 5 of school they should be good to go in even that area. And waking them up from nap time is one of my favoritest things! They are so cute when they wake up, still sleepy and needing a cuddle. I get any baby fix I still have inside of me that these teens aren't scraping away!
Last time I subbed in there someone threw up. I am crossing my fingers that this is not the case today!
Have a great one everybody!!