Friday, October 19, 2007

:) A good day!

I had the best day today!!! I had to sub for Sure Start. They are all usually 4 years old. Today they were having a Pumpkin Party. We got to make cookies and pudding and read books. Then the moms came at the end of the day....with more pumpkinny goodies and we ate and played games and made hats. You just can't ask for a better day then that! After I got home I took a short nap...tired from all the partying and went to our Ladies Group Bingo Night. I spent a boat load of money on cards and raffle tickets. Ask me what I won!!!! NOTHING! NADA! ZIP!!! Sigh.
When I got home at around 9 o'clock my house was filled with kids. There were a couple of girls spending the night with our Boo Bear...Middle Daughter was also having a friend over for the night...The Son had a friend in his room playing Halo 3 and we had a teen in the computer room fixing his My-Space. The boys had to all leave at 11. The Capt has a rule in the house that states...and I quote.."if there are girls spending the night The Son will not be able to have friends also spending the night." It is the same for the girls. Just a recipe for disaster! :)
Today the hubby has a doct's appt. He felt something pop in his head and has been dizzy and nauseous for a week. They are seeing him today to try and figure out what is wrong. Kind of scary.
Okay, I gotta go and get the house picked up before we leave. Have a wonderful weekend all!!


QuiltingFitzy said...

Good thoughts for hubby today, let us know the outcome.

Jenna said...

Hope all is well with the Capt! Glad you had a great time in sure start.