Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Opera...

A word to the wise...if you want to go to the Opera...make sure you buy your tickets in advance or you may end up getting all cute, driving for 30 minutes, fighting crazy drivers..just to have an "all sold out" sign stare at you when you go to the Opera House.
Yep. It happened. We show up at the Opera House all cute-ee-fied and ready to hob-nob with artsy people. We walk up to the ticket booth to the obvious delight of the three Korean ladies behind the counter. Much talking ensues between them as they try to figure out who has the best English and can help the Americans. The Capt and I are delighted by this time over all the ruckus we are causing. Then they sadly inform us that they are sold out.
The night wasn't a total loss. We found a really nice seafood restaurant and ate til we about burst. :) We are going to try again next week. Wish us luck!!!


My Thanh said...

Ha, that's too funny! The only time anything like that happened to us was when we decided to go out for the first time after our older son was born. I hadn't left him at this point, mind you. My in-laws were in town, and I was a wreck about abandoning my poor, sweet, helpless baby!!
Then we got to the theater, and the movie we wanted to see was sold-out. My husband offered take me out for dessert or ice cream or a nice drive, or something!
But I was so happy to go home and see my child...who was asleep for the night and didn't even realize I was gone. But still!

Lauren The Artist said...

Shame. But where are the pictures?? Where is the seafood place? Did the seafood place have one of those "live" tanks where you picked your dinner? I'm on the edge of my seat here!!! :) ~jen~

Rebekah said...

I just realized I am a copy cut! I have the same template as you! dang it!