Sunday, October 14, 2007


Life has sure been zipping along over here at Chez' Owens! The Middle Daughter situation has just boggled my mind. The girl is working the sympathy route and changing her story to make my girl seem like the bad guy. My baby is just beside herself with hurt. Times have changed ladies...they sure have changed. You know how you keep hearing bad hurtful news...doesn't really have to matter who it has to do with it just keeps coming?? And you keep stuffing it down inside to try to deal with everything and then your hubby comes along and asks why are you is sweatpants and that is the straw that broke the camels back so you have to cry??! Yep...that was me the other night. Was just so full of tears that had no where else to be stuffed and out they came. Haven't had a good crying jag like that for years.
On to the good stuff!!!

We went to Osan yesterday (3 hours away) to support The Son at cross country and to watch Middle Daughter cheer for our football team. Got lots of pics that I'll upload when I find the camera cord. I am such a boob! :) We had so much fun! Couldn't find where The Son was cause guess what???? HE WAS IN SEOUL!! He is a boob too! He spent the night in Osan then they took a bus the two hours to Seoul and ran. We did get to watch the football game and it was a doozy! All of the different teams from our school that were down that way got to come and watch. Our side of the stands were packed! It was the other teams Homecoming game. We beat em by just a few points. The dads were beside themselves with pride. hahahahaha
Today is church and grocery shopping. Real exciting, I know. I promise to get Walkers Leigh and Jen plus Paige from the 4th floor and do something really amazing so you will start looking forward to my posts again!!!
Have a great Sunday everyone!!!


Lauren The Artist said...

Sorry about the city mix-up with your sweet Son. Stinker. Can they still be stinkers when they're 18??? And goodness, give Middle Daughter a hug from us, across town here. Poor kid. Highschool wasn't too friendly a handful of years ago. Its a shame that part hasn't changed.

I've got a pick-me-up for you on my blog. The Seoul Quilt show-

Hang in there and enjoy your Sunday! ~jen~

Leigh said...

I can't believe he was in Seoul! At least you got some stuff on layway!

Anonymous said...

Hi! We have some close friends in Osan!! They are missionaries on near the air base there. :o) It's nice to read your blog.


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Can't wait to see what amazing things you do..with the other girls! Colleen