Friday, December 12, 2008

Another Crazy Night At Work...

The Son was working the cash register again last night at work. I look forward to his coming home on cash register nights cause he always has a crazy story about the people who go in there to shop. Last night? I was not disappointed. He tells me that a lady walks up to the register with her hood it's cold outside. He starts checking her stuff and they talk a bit. He doesn't get a good look at her face the one time he glanced up cause hoodie is on. She has woman hands, a womans figure and a woman's voice. As they are talking about stuff she must have gotten hot cause she pulled the hood down and lo and behold?? SHE WAS TOTALLY A HE!!! How does my son know this you ask? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm could have been the full beard and mustache. As we start laughing like loons I asked him what he did. He just kept on checking, took her money, gave her a receipt. All without breaking stride. Oh yeah, he's my son all right!

On another note....anyone watching the new show called Secret Millionaire?? Oh. My. Gosh. The premise of the show is to take a different millionaire each episode and put them in a poor neighborhood. The person interacts with the people around him/her and gets to know them and their stories. The millionaire must live like the other people around them. No special treatment. At the end of the show they take $100,000 of their own money and give it away to the deserving.
Again, Oh. My. Gosh! You must watch this!! Bring tissue!! It was a sob fest over here! I was reaching for the tissue before anyone had a dime. It is even better then the show where people get the house. I promise!!! You will love it!! You will blog about it and use many many exclamation points!!!
Okay, I'm off to clean up the house and do some errands...not really. I'm gonna go and make another cup of coffee while I try and come down from Hurricane Boo-Bear. Sheesh. Can the child take a shower in the morning and not sing at the top of her lungs......and get water all over the floor cause she doesn't believe in the power of the shower curtain to keep the boogie-man away.......and WHO TOLD HER TO TAKE THE CAT IN THERE TO KEEP HER COMPANY????? Did the cat enjoy himself? No. No he did not. Nor did anyone else enjoy all the meowing and the singing. Good gravy, the singing. I may put a little sumpin sumpin in the coffee this morning. I am Irish, Scottish and German so it's totally allowed.
Peace out.


Chocolate Cat said...

Another crazy.....mmm.....when is your son working registers again??? I'll be disappointed if he doesn't have another story to share! That show sounds like something I'd enjoy, we'll either get it here in about 10 years time or in the middle of the night sometime. Love a show when you need a box of tissues!!

Jenna said...

Hopefully they'll still have that show out when we come back this summer!!! Can't wait to get back to the good ole US of A!!!

Leigh said...

I've seen the previews to the show, but what night does it come on?

Mary Johnson said...

A little *hair of the dog* in my coffee this morning might have helped me a bit!

She took the cat in the shower with her?? Where do they get these ideas?