Saturday, December 06, 2008

Baby it's cold...

It is really cold here today. I mean really cold. Antarctica kinda cold. Plus it's snowing. Hard. I am thinking this is what a blizzard must look like. We even have a 16th of an inch sticking to the ground. I may need to stock up on provisions like Ma in Little House on The Prairie.

Watching the snow while enjoying the my first cup of coffee in the morning, I felt that something was missing. I know!!!...........

Blueberry muffins!!!

I made a dozen, fixed another cup of coffee and settled down with two muffins and some blog reading. I needed two muffins cause the first one doesn't count on a snowy day. Really! It's a law.

So I'm sitting here, eating muffins, partaking of some coffee....with my dog laying right next to me on the couch. She is all warm and fluffy. I've got the laptop on my lap, coffee in hand, muffins to the left of me and my faithful dog on the right. I'm using my right hand to rub her belly. She is laying on her back, all but purring, because there just isn't anything better the getting a belly rub when it is cold and snowing outside by your person. We are taking every few minutes to gaze into each others eyes with love and adoration. As I'm looking at her I start thinking about the neighbors dog. She has been barking to be let in for about 20 minutes now. They do this often. They put her outside and just leave her out there. We don't have backyards here, we have patios with a bit of grass. I feel bad for her. There is nothing wrong with putting your dog out, I'm not saying that at all. Of course whenever I have tried to put Abbey out there alone she looks at me with these big eyes like "ummmmm, hello?? This is not my normal treatment and as I am unused to such conditions I would like you to let me back in and give me a treat. I may need two or three treats to get over such an atrocity....and a belly rub. Definitely a belly rub." Abbey may be a tad spoiled. My family has accepted the fact that I am a dog lover and she had me at our first hello. When I come home from parts unknown and sit down to talk to her about where I've been and "Oh look what mommy bought her luvy girls!!" they just smile at me fondly and sigh because when the family dog knows what a Starbucks bag looks like and is also well versed in the different flavor nuances of The Morning Scone, well there is really no hope is there.

Alls I am saying about this whole situation is that it's cold. And snowing. And cold. Let the dog in already. She is obviously not enjoying it out there on the frozen tundra. I am not enjoying listening to her displeasure. They are messing with my "hey this is great/the kiddos are asleep/ I am eating muffins/since the hubby is gone the dog is sleeping on the couch next to me/it is snowing outside/I am gonna quilt today/I may even go to a quilt store" feng schway thingie I have going on here.

If this continues I may have to liberate that puppy in the middle of the night. I will wear my ninja/liberating animals outfit. I will then introduce her to The Pumpkin Scone and cuddles in the morning and belly rubs and long talks about the evils of squirrels and car rides to pick up kids that smell like chocolate chip cookies.

Excuse me while I plan my strategy.



Jodi said...

OMG you crack me up! I want pictures of this ninja/liberating animals outfit!

My dog barks when we let him out because he wants to come right back in and curl up in a heated blanket.

But my dog is not allowed on the couch. I am a cat lover. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey hon, when you get done with the cold, come sit in the hot tub over here in the land of Aloha! You are very welcome!

Chocolate Cat said...

Jimmy does love a cuddle on the couch with me when it's cold! I need a quilt over me as well!!

Anonymous said...

So what shoes to you wear to Ninja liberate a dog?

And it is hot here in Oz.

He he he