Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Son had yet to see Twilight. I KNOW!! I couldn't believe it either. When he asked me to go with him I did not jump at the chance, no I did not, I was not up for seeing it a 5th time. Five may just be to much. I ONLY said I would go with him because I am a good mother and didn't want to let him down. It had nothing to do with this little piece of hawtness over to the left there.

I promise. I am not in need of an ECI....for those of you not in the know it is an Edward Cullen Intervention. I am almost 40 years old. I am to matuuuuuuure for this foolishment called Edward Cullen Love Amongst Those Over Thirty.

I also was not the woman who stood up in the middle of the movie, you know...the part where he leans in to kiss Bella for the first time, it was not me who stood up and yelled "GOOD LORD EDWARD.....I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES!!!!!" Word on the street is that after the woman, who was not me, yelled all of her children fainted dead away from the embarrassment. Unable to handle the syndrome called OWWAILWECETHIAVAWTEHWASLABFOMC........

otherwise known as Older Women Who Are In Love With Edward Cullen Even Though He Is A Vampire And Want To Eat Him With A Spoon Like A Bowl Full Of Melted Chocolate.

But that would not be me. Ahem.
Oh, also, while on the subject...if you read in the paper about some woman who had all of her Twilight Books laminated with gold and keeps them by her bedside so she can gaze at them lovingly....yeah, that would not be me either.



Chocolate Cat said...

I am SO glad you were not that woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!