Friday, December 19, 2008

The Jazz Player...

The Boo-Bear had her first band recital the other night. She plays the Alto Saxophone and loves it! The Capt is really into Jazz. They listen to music together all the time. When she asked if she could play the sax this year there wasn't anything anyone could have done to make him happier.

Here she is being all easy-breezy-cool. Like all good Jazz Players are. :)

This is an example not of my baby playing her heart out but of my mad photo shopping skills! I photo shopped all the other kids out of the picture so no momma's would have fits of rage if they decided to google their kiddos and see I posted a picture online of their babe-ees.

I am nothing if not always thinking.

See the cute bow in her hair. She was feeling very Matildah-ish and ohmygodmomIihavetohaveabowinmyhair!!!

She does look pretty cute there if I do say so myself. If I may brag a bit....and what's a blog for if not for us to brag on our kids I ask ya?? She came home today with a form for us to fill out so she can move up in band. The girl has been playing the sax since Oct. Of. This. Year.

She said when she gets famous that she will give us CD's for free.

How nice of her.


Anonymous said...

She's so darn cute! Loved the hairbow! Way to go boo bear!

Leigh said...

You go Sarah!

Jodi said...

Too cute!

Our oldest plays the Sax too but she has decided it is the devil's instrument and wants to QUIT NOW! LOL

I keep telling her I will never let her quit. That is a momma's job, to be pushy and mean. ;)

Mary Johnson said...

Very cool!

mascanlon said...

Happy Holidays Dawn, I love the 3D quilt too. Are you sure it doesn't need a new home for Christmas?

Sweet P said...

Congrats to the new sax player! And the bow is great!

Chocolate Cat said...

She is gorgeous isn't she!! Love the bow! and very talented to be asked to move up already. I hope I'm on the list for one of those 'free cds' !!!!