Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You know the 3-D quilt I've been working on?? You know...the one I was having so much fun putting together. The one I decided to quilt in sections. heh.


I tried. I really tried. I pinned. I sewed. I ripped. I showed my hubby who wisely kept his mouth shut and pretended to be watching TV instead of his wife walking back and forth from the sewing machine to the living room all while muttering nasties under her breath. The one time he did try and offer some advice I may have punched him in the nose. hmph.

It isn't pretty folks. And it is sewed and ripped and sewn again within an inch of its life. I will only show this one on the back of a galloping horse. A galloping horse who bucks.

After two hours of trying to get that thing to work I finally folded up the whole thing and put it in a box.

Now every time I walk past it I shudder. Today my mom and niece come for a visit. Tomorrow I am going to the local quilt store to look for some inspiration. I am going to leave the quilt alone for awhile. Hey!! I just thought of something!! Maybe the LQS offers a class on quilting in sections!!! I'm off to find out!

peace out homies!!


Lauren The Artist said...

I've never tried the quilt-in-sections method. Based on the review... I don't know that I'm looking to do it anytime soon. =) Have fun at the Quilt shop.

Anonymous said...

Forget it! Buy a longarm! :) Tell your DH I said it was ok to get one. Yes, have lots of fun at the quilt shop.