Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Being Safe While Shopping....

They are saying to be extra careful this Holiday Season if you are a woman out shopping alone. To be alert and ever vigilant. It made me remember something that happened to me a couple of years ago while out shopping. It was nighttime. I had to go get some milk or diapers or something. While going through the isles I just "felt" like someone was looking at me and when I looked around there was a man staring at me. As I walked away to finish what I had to do I got this weird little feeling. Like a hmmmmmmmm inside of me. It seemed like every isle I was on so was he. He didn't do anything weird. He never tried to talk to me. It was just me, feeling uneasy. As I went up to the front to pay he was nowhere to be seen. I paid the cashier and started to leave. Then I got another uneasy feeling. I asked to speak to the manager. When he came over I told him that there was a man who was making me feel uneasy and could he have security walk me to my car. He asked me to show him the man. I told him I couldn't see him and didn't know where he was. He said to me that maybe I just misunderstood something and that he was sure everything was fine. I told him that I'd really like to make sure everything was fine and could he please have security walk me to my car. There was no way I was leaving the store by myself no matter what anyone thought. As security walked me to my car I saw the man again. He was sitting in his dark car looking straight at me. I got in my car and he followed me for awhile. As we lived on base at that time and needed an ID card to get on he had to turn around when I got to the gate. Now maybe it was all coincidence and I was just being young. Or maybe something bad was going to happen to me that night and it was a good thing I listened to my inner hmmmmm.

I'm saying all this to tell all you guys out there in int-netz land to be careful this Holiday Season. Listen to your inner voice. If something is telling you that maybe there is something "off" then there probably is.

Better safe then sorry.



Mary Alice said...

You know you were right...and bravo to you for not letting the store manager talk you out of your instincts.

Jeri is said...

There's a book, The Gift of Fear. It is all about that sense inside you that says something isn't right. The author has been on Oprah. I work in the schools, and my district frequently has a man come talk to us about gang violence, bullying, etc., and this man ALWAYS mentions this book. He says buy it, read it, and pass it to any daughters, nieces, and females that can read.

The Gift of Fear. Don't ignore that instinct. It's a gift from God. Listen to it.

Mary Johnson said...

It gets dark around here about 4:30PM so I can't possibly not walk by myself after dark but we got a notice that there were several armed robberies recently in our area all from what sounds like the same guy...scary.

It's always hard to stick to your guns when other people dismiss your fears - good for you for insisting on someone walking you to your car.

Leigh said...

That inner voice is there for a reason. I'm glad that you insisted on having security walk you out. Did you point the dude out to the security guy? Gives me the chills thinking abou it. I am always looking around and watching. It is a real shame that we have to be on such high alert!

Anonymous said...

On Thanksgiving I went to Safeway and left my purse in the shopping cart and felt the little voice about this dude being a little too close for comfort. Once I grabbed my purse and threw on my shoulder, he dissapeared.