Friday, December 19, 2008

This is Dawn The Super Sleuth/Reporter here reporting live from Ohio with an update on Crazy Lady With Invisible Demon Friend.

The 16 year old needed to open a bank account the other day because thankalltheheavensabove it seems she is about to be employed. We had a few things to do before they could hire her and a bank account to put all her monies in was at the top of the list.

After we put our name on the new account list a very nice woman led us to her office. We chit chatted a bit. Her computer was slow. We were talking about some of the crazy things we've seen lately and I told her about the Crazy Lady With Invisible Demon Friend. She said it sounded like a lady who comes into the bank. I was all "No way!!" She was all "Yes way!!" So then I was all "Get out!!" and she was all "No you get out!!" Then I described her just to make sure.

It was the same lady.

What are the chances??? Seems she comes into the bank every once in awhile to do some ummmm banking and brings her little invisible friend with her.

I must meet her!!!!

The Son has our home phone on speed dial so the next time she shows up at the store he can call me and I can speed on over. Crazy Lady With Invisible Demon Friend is like my new Naked Korean Man!!!! WHOOPIE!

I will update as new info becomes available. This is Dawn the Super Sleuth/Reporter signing off.


Chocolate Cat said...

Do you have a special 'super sleuth' uniform???

Leigh said...

You are like a magnet for excitement! Keep us posted.

Lauren The Artist said...

Oh gosh, you are so lucky the bank lady didn't say "yeh, thats my sister." HAHAHAH.