Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Makin stuff up as I go along...

My kids have this habit. They have had it forever. If they see something going on that they don't understand then they ask me about it. For example:

an accident - What happened mom??

sirens going off somewhere outside - What is that all about mom??

men building stuff - What are they doing mom??

some show we stop and watch while channel surfing - what is this show about mom??

My children think I am all knowing. While this is true, the fact that they ask me questions like these never ceases to tickle me. I have long since given up trying to make them understand that I have no idea what is happening to every single person we drive past. I don't know why the couple in the next car is fighting. I have no idea why traffic is backed up. Who knows what's going on in the house across the street. I just do not know!

Some years ago I started to make stuff up. I can get really creative too.

Couple fighting: He came home 3 hours late last night and she is mad cause he missed dinner. They are newly married and she had called HIS mother to get the recipe for his favorite dish. He was punished by sleeping on the couch. She has not forgiven him yet.

Traffic Jam: A teenager just got their drivers licence annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd forgot to fill up the gas tank. Now his car is stalled and jamming the rest of us up.

AND THEY BELIEVE ME! Oh the power of the Mother. It is mighty!

I asked my daughter why they always ask me stuff like that and she said "You're a mom. You guys know everything."

Do your kids do the same thing?? Is this an Every Mom Situation or just my kids thinking their mother is a know everything savant??? Discuss amongst yourselves. :)


Lauren The Artist said...

Yep, I'm pretty sure us MOMS do know everything. =)

Granny said...

Just wait . . at some point, they're going to think you know NOTHING! Enjoy it while you can. Your son is probably thinking there's a possibility you may not know everything but in a few months, he may come right out and tell you!

Jodi said...

Ha! I TELL my kids that I know everything. AND I have eyes in the back of my head.

For the most part they believe me, but they don't ask me weird questions like that. Or if they do I turn it around and ask them why THEY think something is happening.

Shasta Matova said...

Moms certainly do know everything, although my daughter doesn't understand that concept anymore. Now I know nothing. I tried to use those questions as a teaching tool - let's see, guy with dark hoodie on, sneaking into the alley when he sees our car, just might be a drug deal we busted. She tells me that not everyone who walks into the alley is a drug dealer. I told her, I know, some of them are customers!

Chocolate Cat said...

Do you know at the moment I am living with 2 teenage Oracles!!! They know everything and I know nothing!!!!

Anonymous said...

I do this too! But sometimes, when my daughter is being extremely excessive with the questions, I just meow at her. You should see the reactions that it gets.

Leigh said...

You are so good!

Anonymous said...

The hubby and I do this! We make the story up and sometimes we even get to confirm who got the story right. Last Saturday, lone dad with the 2 kiddos. My story was he had been career focused and lost the marriage and he was a weekender dad. The hubby's was that Mom was shopping. Just as they walked by our table, the kid asked and the Dad replied "Mom is shopping for more things we don't need"