Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Find your bliss...

There is this commercial on TV about finding your bliss. Every time it comes on I see myself sitting in Barnes and Noble, in one of the overstuffed chairs, sipping ever so delicately on a venti caramel machiato, while Gary Sinese reads to me the newest Nora Roberts.

Why Gary Sinese?? Ummmm Hello???? Hawtness personified!

Is there truly any place on the face of the planet more comfy/cozy then Barnes and Noble on a cold snowy day?? (or a rainy day....or a hot day....or a Monday...Tuesday....Weds?!?!) They have everything a girl could want. Christmas music waffling in the background, books fabulous books, coffee, cheesecake, coffee, cheesecake, comfy chairs...they even have a restroom so when the coffee kicks in you don't have to run home!

Today The Son has the day off. We have a date to do what we do when he has a free day. We are headed to a comic book store that happens to be right next to a great used book store. Then we are off to get some coffee and sit awhile reading books for free at Barnes and Noble. I am so excited that I am getting out of the house and that I actually have someone to talk to during the day that I had trouble sleeping last night. Sad, very sad really.

So if you happen to be at the Barnes and Noble in Dayton and you aren't a stalker.....find the girl wearing her comfy sweats sitting way in the back. I will be in the brown overstuffed chair with my feet on a stool and another stool by my side to hold my coffee. Have a sit down and a chat with me! Oh, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm if Gary is there and he is reading to me I will not have time for that chat. I will be finding my inner bliss. And no, I won't share!

Happy Day!!!


Leigh said...

You are so crazy! I do love Barnes & Noble! Sounds like a great way to spend the day....any day!

Anonymous said...

Is Barnes & Noble sponsoring your blog???They should! Enjoy your day!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Good gosh, girl!! Get yourself to the public library & join a book discussion group. Head to the nearest quilt shop & find out if there is a guild or group you could join. If you're this thrilled to have your son off work so you have someone to talk to, you need to make some friends so you can have some adult conversation. Family's great but having friends to bitch to about family can be even better at times. [grin] It sure would be great to have a B & N in my neighborhood though.

Chocolate Cat said...

I so hope your date went well with your son, sounds my kind of thing!! Coffee, cake and books!

Mary Johnson said...

I used to go to B&N several times a week but since getting my Kindle, I've been going to the coffee shop more. I still love B&N just don't go as often.