Friday, December 05, 2008

Musings at the Friendly Neighborhood Starbucks...

So yesterday I told you about the hubby waiting til the very last minute to pack. Well he also had some errands to run. heh. My hubby doesn't like to do errands alone. He needed to go to the cleaners and get a haircut and some other "manly" stuff. If you have ever been to Wright Patterson you know that the base is spreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad out. One part is over over there...another waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over there. Every place he needed to go to was at a different part. I told him I'd go with him but he needed to drop me off at the Starbucks on base while he ran about getting himself together. I grabbed two books (reading savant here remember) and some cash-ola. Off we went. Both happy. Him cause hello? I was with him and I was happy cause hello? Starbucks and a donut were in my future. I also had on my very cute new jeans and some really cute ankle boots. He probably struggled to keep his hands to himself. :)

He came into Starbucks with me to watch me order what I needed to sustain myself while there. He helped me to get settled in a chair, coffee on the lovely side table, coat off and affixed over the chair next to me, donut at the ready, reading glasses out and book in hand. Now that I think about it he is really good to me and I am a spoiled brat. :) Or maybe it was the lure of the ankle boots that made him so attentive. The world will never know.

I got to read and people watch for an hour and a half. LURVLY. SIMPLY LURVLY. I made a little observation or two while there though and felt the need to share.

A lady came in dressed all businessy and career mindedy. She even smelled good. I know this cause I got up to get a napkin where she was standing. She had ordered two coffees. When she picked up the two coffees do you know what she did?? She had a sip of both!!! Why did she do that? I was fascinated. I watched her walk to her car, get in, buckle up and then SHE TOOK ANOTHER SIP OF BOTH! Now I am thinking maybe her boss sends her out to get his coffee in the morning and as she is a woman of the 21st century it rankles. She probably wants to say to him "Get your own coffee jerk-wad!" but with the economy as it is she can't so she makes herself feel better by sipping his coffee once or twice before she gives it to him thereby guaranteeing he will get cooties.

Two guys came in after she left, both dressed in uniform. They weren't together but both came in, got some coffee (black. I am saying why even bother with black coffee at Starbucks when the list is endless of all the goodness but to each his own) and opened up laptops. Were they doing secrety Air Force Stuff on the laptops?? Maybe they were double agents and downloading secrety stuff and they could only do it at the coffee shop. Or maybe they were playing hooky from work and checking the latest sports scores. The jury is still out on those two, I will update if anything hinky goes down as I am sure I will be called on to testify in their trials if it comes to that. I am nothing if not there for my country in its time of need.

A lady came in and looked like a street person. Really. No lie. She paid, gave a toothless smile and then left. I wanted to tell her that soap can be our friend. Oh, and not to be scared of deodorant. heh.

I watched an interview and felt for the interviewer. I just know he had to stop himself from ripping the gum out of that girls mouth and throwing it away. Note to girl, wearing pants that show your G-String?? Probably not a good career move. Please say no to crack and move outta my line of vision.

Finally my hunka-hunka-burnin-love showed up to collect me. He came in with his hair all cut and my heart thumped a bit. All the waitin til the last minute to pack was forgotten as he helped me get myself together. Note to hubby: Obsession cologne? very good choice!

All in all a very very good morning. heehee


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Too funny... especially the double-sippin' exec!

Anonymous said...

Do you think the double sipper may need them both, maybe one for now and another later or does she have two favorites and wanted one before the other or both at the same time. Is she on to something we don't know about, maybe a mocha is more delish when "crossed" with a pumpkin spice. I can't take it!!or you know what, yeah she's just spreading germs! This will stick with me Ms.D!

Chocolate Cat said...

I love people watching too!