Monday, December 01, 2008

Thoughts running around my head this Monday morning...

We made it through The Great Thanksgiving With The Rents 08 with flying colors. :) Much food was eaten, two TV's were purchased, laundry was forgotten, naps were taken, hilarity ensued. In short, it was wonderful! Today? I pay. heh. The laundry had taken over the house. I will be here all day long cleaning. I just don't know what happens while we sleep on Sundays. I think the house is messing with me cause I swear it doesn't look like this when I go to bed. I am dealing with Monday as best I drinking coffee and hiding behind the puter til everyone leaves for work/school.

Can I just say here that I am really wondering what time the Today show people have to get up so that they can look all awake and talk coherently amongst themselves. It is 7:20am for me and I am daring people to talk to me! (or even look at me now that I think about it) So far they are smart and I am being left alone. The hubby actually came over and looked in my coffee cup. They know, if they value their lives, to not talk to me til the cup is AT LEAST half gone.

The OCD is fierce in my head this morning. I keep hearing it whisper to me that "the house is messsssssssssssssssy" "the laundry is over-flowing" then it giggles. Stoopid OCD.

Was Black Friday crazy or what?!?!!

I think I may have a cavity.

Sally Fields is on TV talking about bone loss. I wonder if I am old enough to have bone loss. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Something to ponder.

My mom took a quilt home with her while she was here. I think that makes her total 5. I am thinking she should buy me a treadmill. What do you think?? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Okay, the toast making portion of my morning is about to commence. We get this great bread at the store and I toast it dark, put a slather of yogurt butter on it and then a thin covering of marmalade. Pair that with cup of coffee number two and I may just be able to start on this house of mine.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!!


Jodi said...

Oh boy am I with you today. I don't have OCD (or at least I don't think I do) and my house is calling to me.

The laundry, OMG!, is pilled almost ceiling high. The carpets are starting to resemble shag carpet. The dishes are stacked dangerously high.

But I am babysitting today. Which means I won't get nearly as much done as I would like too. But tomorrow I am kid free so I will tackle the majority of this mess then.

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh dear I am a morning person so I would drive you insane!!! I do most of my talking in the am but heaven help anyone who looks at me the wrong way in the evening if I am tired!!!!! Hope your house is sorted now, I set myself a list yesterday and still didn't get some of the major things achieved!! Oh well I'll try again today! Mmm 5 quilts, maybe you could suggest the treadmill to your Mum!

Jodi said...

Oh and if I come to visit can I take a quilt home with me too? ;)

Anonymous said...

Be kind to yourself on Mondays and then again tuesday thru sunday!