Sunday, May 06, 2007

1st weekend without the Capt....

The "First Weekend Without the Capt" is almost over. Thank God for Walker's Jen, Tiki and Leigh!! I was kind of surprised with how sad I felt when I had to drop my hubby off at the airport. We don't usually have long separations even though he has been in the Air Force for going on 19 years. I can think of only two times he's had to go away for more then a week. Both times it was for three months, like this one. And I didn't have these "sad feelings" til around the month mark. Anyway, I was wondering what to do with my first weekend cause my kiddos are growing up and have these "lives" they are trying to live.
On Friday night Walker Jen invited me to a neighborhood bar-be-cue where the famous Walkers Tiki and Leigh would be making an appearance. :) I packed up boo-bear and off we went. (the son had a date...sheesh!...and middle daughter had much socializing to do and a sleepover at her BFF's house) The bar-be-cue had much chips and dip...a rocking banana pudding and some awesome/chocolaty brownies. A good time was had by all.
On Saturday Walker Jen had reserved a room on base so we ladies could celebrate National Scrapbook Day. Now I don't scrapbook to much anymore but they invited me anyway. Friends are lovely things!!! I brought some applique to do and had a great time.
Today is Sunday. Time to go to my crazy church for the first Sunday after "Le Scandal Extraordinaire" We are still feeling the effects of this week at Chez Owens. I finally told middle daughter that if one more grown-up asked her about it to find out if it was true then for her to say the following....
"My mom really doesn't want me to discuss it with the grown-ups at our church. If you have any questions she would like it if you asked her and she will be more then happy to address it with you."
I figured if she came home one more time and told me that someone had asked her about it "in a caring way...just to get to the bottom of it" I would explode all over the place and start karate chopping people. So wish me luck. I am off to church to smile, give out hugs, do childrens church (where I will see all offending parties) and try not to bite anyone heehee
Happy Weekend All!!!


Allie said...

I miss my hubby too, he is out of town on volleyball tourney....surfing around, haven't been here for a little while. Miss reading my ole blog spots!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hope Church went well, at least you didn't have a congregational vote on keeping the pastor! That was our joy .(He's staying!)Tracey

Jenna said...

I'm glad that we made your weekend a little better!! We'll try to have to do something every weekend and then without me when I move! That will be a sad time!=(

Lauren The Artist said...

I think your first "solo" weekend is going fabulously!! I hope you were able to keep-it-together around the "offending parties" at the children's church today. I dont want to see a photo of you karate choppin' people on the front page of the base paper. ;)