Thursday, May 03, 2007

Loneliness thy name is me.

I took the hubby to the airport today at around 12:30. We got his bags all checked in and went for our last lunch. Then I kissed him goodbye and drove home. Now what do you think I have on the agenda tonight?? I made one of these and I am going to sit on the patio and feel sorry for myself. I intend to wallow in my " aloneness" for a good hour. Ummmmm Walker Leigh, I just tasted this and I think I did something wrong. I may have to watch you closely tomorrow to get some tips. I may have a whole weekend of wallowing in my "aloneness". It's very hard when you like them and they have to leave you. If I didn't adore him and find him incredibly sexy I would've dropped him off and went to celebrate, but nooooooo I have to actually like him and think he's all charming and stuff. WHY ME WORLD?????????????????????????? WHY OH WHY OH WHY. Where are my Carpenter CD's??? "Feelings, nothing more then feelings lalalalaaaaaalalalaaaaaa"...... I am off to wallow now, updates to follow.

p.s. Thank you Ms Tracey over in Australia for thinking of me. I'm thinking you should hop on a plane and come to Walker Jen's bar-be-cue tomorrow so I can fix you up one of these and we can talk chooks and quilts and maybe that cutie-pa-tootie Crocodile Dundee! :)


Lauren The Artist said...

Thats an awesome looking glass! You do realize if you're sitting on the balcony... passing time... you are in the PRIME location to get a photo of NKG. Be sure you have your camera out there while you're relaxing. Oh- it looks like you need a new count-down on your blog, for when he gets back. See ya tomorrow.


Lauren The Artist said...

Oh wait, I didnt see you already have the ticker thing. YOU are good!!


Jenna said...

So glad that you'll be coming tomorrow!! I'm making brownies just for YOU!!

Love ya girlfriend!

QuiltingFitzy said...

We'll take good care of him "over here", k?

Just think how wonderful the reunion will be!

Kim West said...

I totally understand - my DH has been gone for four months now - we are nearing the end of our time though; he should be home in about three weeks.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

So don't tell me my little parcel arrived just when you needed choc and some cheering up, WOW I must have ESP or something! Yes, the drink, bbq ...and the shopping all sound great but unfortunately I find it difficult to get an evening leave pass let alone a Korean one!!!