Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my's little rainbows.

I just don't know what woman do with themselves who don't like their kids or who consider them a burden to be dealt with for 18 years. I was thinking about that today. Want me to share my thoughts with ya??? Okay! Here we go.

Today was an "I'm missing my hubby/good Lord this is the most boring day ever!" kind of day. I walked around the house a couple of times. Didn't really feel like talking to anyone on the phone. Tried to stay away from the "Fridge of Death". Just one of those blah days. Then it happened. My kiddos came home. I heard them waaaaay before they got to the door. They never come home alone so there were a lot of them. You know that scene in Jurassic Park where the water in the glass ripples?? Yeah, that would be Chez' Owens. I could hear them laughing and talking loudly and for some reason my cloudy fog lifted. I felt lighthearted. Then they came in. Calling for me. They had so much to talk about. They wanted Popsicles and some wanted cereal. They told me who got in trouble, who likes who now, what happened in the lunch room. The Son came home full of hugs and I'm sorry's. He kept grabbing me and trying to kiss me on the cheek. I was stern though. No, I'm lying. I giggled and fell for him hook line and sinker. SHEESH!! What's a mom to do when your only son comes home smelling like a spring day and barreling through the door yelling, "Where's my momma at?? Come on over here and give me a kiss!!" Goodness I love that boy with every fiber of my being!

They all just left. Suddenly my heart is lighter. The day is full of sunshine and I am counting myself one of the luckiest woman around. The Capt is far far away. He'll be gone for the whole summer and it feels like my heart is a little less full, but my kiddos are sure trying to fill his void and I must say...they are doing an admirable job!

So if you're one of those momma's who wakes up thinking "Oh my gosh! Another day with those kids!!" Re-evaluate. Look at them again. You may just be surprised with how wonderful it all can be.

As for me, I'm off to look at some rainbows.

p.s. Yes I'm paying for the prom ticket. Yes I caved. Yes I am a marshmallow and yes I will be moving in with him when I turn 80! heeheehee


Jenna said...

You are so cute!! These are the days I look forward to with my three.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Yeah, I love seeing my two...generally, as well. They are just so interesting!(And loving) Tracey